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About me

I am Acharya Seeta Sharma. For the past 35 years, I have studied Vedic Astrology. I even exercise tarot, wildebeest, vaastu and palm. I examine the map from a holistic perspective and guarantee a clear presentation of the predictions. I often prescribe very quick and cost-effective methods to ensure that people profit in the right way. In the first place, I opted for the teaching profession, but also I was passionate about astrology. Later I realised that only astrology could allow me to completely use my intuitive strength and spiritual knowledge to solve people's problems and propose solutions. So I chose to do my full-time career in astrology. By observing a variety of case studies on various aspects in the horoscope, I discover and test basic yet powerful Jyotish techniques. I've got my own map interpretation style and instructions. I have always tried to do experiments and study with Jyotish in my own field.


64 reviews
Apr 08 2021
Seeta Madam is really an amazing person for accurate prediction and proper guidance to. She is one of the best astrologers ever 🙏
Apr 05 2021
Great Astrologer..waiting for remedy
Apr 03 2021
Apr 03 2021
Call got cut. Will contact you again later mam.
Apr 03 2021
Asked her so many questions. And she solved them nicely. Lets see what future holds...
Apr 01 2021
much valuable info given and has good knowledge.
Mar 30 2021
She has a lot of experience and gives good advice. However, I found her predictions very vague.
Mar 29 2021
The remedies suggested by Seeta Madam are doable and simple. She is not only adept at understanding the problem at hand but also instinctive and compassionate which eases the caller. I really appreciate her sincere advise.
Mar 28 2021
She is seriously amazing, she has actually given all the past predictions correctly. and given many insights regarding upcoming events and situations. i would highly suggest to get the consultation from her. thank you ma'am.
Mar 28 2021
good and satisfied consulting as knowledgeable professional person thank u
Mar 23 2021
Her predictions are close enough. thanks a lot for the details Madam.
Mar 22 2021
Mar 16 2021
she gave me precise and very perfect suggestions
Mar 16 2021
thank you madam for clearificatoin
Mar 16 2021
highly learned astrologer
krishna gayathri
Mar 16 2021
Kumar Bhat
Mar 16 2021
Kumar Bhat
Mar 16 2021
Mam can you tell me the remedy last line
Roopa S
Mar 15 2021
Roopa S
Mar 15 2021