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Dr. Manoj Kumar

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About me

Dr. Manoj Kumar is a renowned Astrologer with an experience of more than 30 years in the field of Astrology. The celebrated author of 45+ books, Dr. Manoj Kumar has penned books on Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Panch Pakshi Shastra and Tarot. With an experience of more than 30 years, he has been teaching at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan as a Professor in the Department of Indology. He had been also the Chief Editor of Future Samachar and Research Journal of Astrology for more than 10 years, the reputed magazines in the field of Occult Sciences.He is an expert of Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Prashana Astrology, KP Astrology, Lal Kitab and Vastu Shastra. Talking about his educational qualifications, he is a Post Graduate and holds PhD in two subjects (History & Public Administration). After the completion of his academic career, he devoted his time and energy to the study various aspects of Astrology and its effects on the lives of the people, However, in order to pursue his career professionally in the field of Astrology, he completed Jyotish Alankar (Silver Medalist) and then Jyotish Acharya from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan under the guidance of Shri K.N. Rao whom he considers as his inspiration. Thereafter, he joined the research group of Shri K.N. Rao and commendably completed his research on several topics with excellent results. After excelling himself in Vedic Astrology, he plunged himself into the mystery of K.P. Astrology under the guidance of renowned K.P. Astrologers and Scholars to refine his techniques of predictions as K.P. Astrology gives very accurate results with the exact timing of events. Throughout his Astrological journey, he has served people in different parts of the world, taking into account different parameters e.g. Pythagorean, Chinese, Chaldean, Sepharial, Kabala, Cheiro etc. Along with this, he also studied Palmistry, Vaastu-Fengshui, Tarot, Ramal Shastra and Past life Regression and is currently teaching all these subjects, authoring books and providing professional consultancy all across the world. Over the years, he has given innumerable correct predictions and guided his customers to combat adverse periods with ease and bringing stability in their lives. Apart from this, he has also played a major role in the establishment of the prestigious organization namely Council of Astrological Research and Welfare Association and is the author of more than 45 books. Apart from this, you can also contact him regarding Marriage Consultation, Relationships, Career & Business, Wealth & Property, Educational Consultancy, Health Matters, Legal Matters and much more.


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Mar 30 2021
He is extremely learned and master of the subject. He explains in simple terms and in detail with complete logic. He provides simple and easy solutions and definitely helps reaffirm faith in almighty. My best wishes for this wonderful soul.
Mar 23 2021
I do not know how far he is true, but time will tell... lets see
Mar 22 2021
Want to earn more money, will follow your remedies
Mar 17 2021
Mar 17 2021
thank you guru ji
Feb 21 2021
Feb 21 2021
thank you guru ji
Feb 16 2021
Best astrologer
Feb 16 2021
best advice ever I wait for the time n and again get back to sir
Jan 18 2021
uncle is awesome all his readings are accurate I really recommend him fr any queries , hes very cool
Santosh Tripathi
Jan 16 2021
Sadhana D
Jan 14 2021
Mahesh Chandra
Jan 14 2021
Hufriz Karkaria
Jan 14 2021
Jan 12 2021
one of the best astrologer, connect with him for all your problems
Dec 17 2020
really v helpful. he listens to you patiently and with his expertise and years of experience he provides you the best guidance and accurate readings.
Dec 17 2020
Sir great session.will contact you again
Dec 17 2020
It was really wonderful talking to you. you bring in lot of energy and positivity and gives positive vibes
Dec 17 2020
most satisfactory astrologist, Ive ever encountered 🙏
Dec 16 2020