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Sufficient Valentine’s Day! Sufficient! It’s time to represent the week 2021, which involves day of slapping, day of punches, day of perfume, days of flirting, day of confession, day of missing and day of break-down. Valentine’s week 2021 is scheduled for February 15 and is scheduled for February 21.
Valentine’s anti-week begins immediately after Valentine’s weekend.

This week is devoted to those persons who are desperately in love and are rejected by their crush, their girlfriend, or their boyfriend. So, like valentine’s week list 2021, there is anti valentine’s week list 2021 too. Anti-Valentine Week has been divisive in seven days just for heartbroken souls.

Here’s the impeccable list:
Slap Day ~ 15 February 2021
Kick Day ~ 16 February 2021
Perfume Day ~ 17 February 2021
Flirting Day ~ 18 February 2021
Confession Day ~ 19 February 2021
Missing Day ~ 20 February 2021
Breakup Day ~ 21 February 2021

February 15, 2021 – Slap Day

The week of the Anti-Valentine starts on 15 February 2021 with a day of slaps. You have all the freedom to celebrate the slap day if your valentine’s week has not gone well. The causes for sadness can vary from a refusal to split with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Happy 2021 Slap day is the perfect time to pay back if you have spent a lot of your precious time chasing your crush and wasting money on it.

February 16, 2021 – Kick Day

How would you feel when you pour out all your passion, excitement, time and money to chase the love of your life. Of course, every boy or girl feels really heartbroken. They can try to take vengeance on his crush, girlfriend or boyfriend. Kick-Day 2021 is celebrated by hopeless lovers by spitting out bad stuff from previous encounters. This is to release the tension or rage built up by rejection. Kicking a person in the real world would be illegal and inhuman. Hence kick-day is celebrated to disperse the inner poison and to re-track your love life.

February 17, 2021 – Perfume Day

Here’s our list of 2021 Anti-Valentine Week celebrated with lovers who managed to get yes from the guy they want. Happy day 2021 is about bringing the passion of Valentine’s week up by offering your favourite perfume to the most aromatic and fascinating collection. Getting your favourite scent is mostly because your new relationship preserves worship, pleasure and affection.

February 18, 2021 -Flirting Day

On 18 February at anti-Valentine Week 2021, the happy flirting day is observed with high spirits by individuals. The happy day of flirting is a fine chance for those who want to make a move higher and spice up the thing and those who are willing to give the luck a shot by again proposing a crush. Healthy flirting is good for your wellbeing and keeps your mood absolutely joyful. So, get up to hammer out romantic plans for your boyfriend and girlfriend for the 2021 flirtation day.

February 19, 2021- Confession Day

One of the most difficult tasks for any girl or boy is to confess their love without hesitation to the spouse. Let’s say that not all of us have the strength to confess our love to the person we love. The fifth day is a day of repentance and this day is devoted exclusively to carry out your on-going romance by confessing the depth of your heart.

February 20, 2021 – Missing Day

Anyone who is crazy and desperately in love has a heartbreaking experience missing others. We also miss our loved ones, which is an overwhelming sensation. When you miss someone you really love terribly, the whole world seems like nothing and all that you want is the presence of that person in your life. The day 2021 is missing, by tossing a call and message out of the blue, in contact with your client or friend and telling them about their feelings.

February 21, 2021 – Breakup Day

It’s really astounding to love someone with every body fibre. However, it is actually really heartbreaking to break up with the person with whom you spent an important part of your life. If a relationship is sometimes too unhealthy and it has damaged your person and career, it is best to break up and finish the relationship as soon as possible so that more emotional harm can be avoided. The last day of our 2021 anti-Valentine week list is the 2021 split.

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