Last months of the year prove highly successful for Aquarius. You can have an unexpected increase in the amount of your expenses. Students appearing for competitive exams may have to wait longer for good results. You can face minor health related issues.


This is your year for good and cheerful health. You’ll be so fit mentally that it won’t even let your physical health suffer. However occasionally Aquarius may face some health issues but using good health insurance will give them a faster recovery rate.


Try to stay within your means and avoid luxury for now. With time, money will find its way to you, enough for you to meet your expenses. Your finances will always be in equilibrium, your planets are arranged in a way to make sure of that.

Career and business:

With personal efforts you’ll succeed soon. If you try to change or switch your job you’ll probably land up in a more secure organisation. Your opponents might try to play you at every step, you need to stay more focused towards your goals and deadlines.
You can get a good chance to show efficiency this year. You can see your business going downhill and might see many challenges your way. By the middle of the year you’ll grow strong enough to fight all these obstacles coming your way. This year will be an examination for you as it will keep testing you at every business step you take, so choose wisely.


You can have some ups and downs with your partner, but it will all turn out positive. Your partner will be very beneficial for you this year. Although your partner’s unstable changing behaviour may bring you some mental stress. In the middle of the year things may turn out unfavourable for you. Try to avoid any kinds of fights during that period.


The planetary arrangement is not very favourable for your family’s life this year. This will bring some effects in your family, and sadness will be visible. You’ll be quite busy with work which will make you stay away from family and not give them enough time. Aquarius might let go of whatever holds you back this year.


Adorn a Bicchoo Jadi or Dhatura Jadi or Root on your right arm or around the neck on any Saturday if you have any health problems.
Wearing Char Mukhi or Sath Mukhi Rudraksha will also prove to be auspicious for you.

Feed the bread daily to the cow and offer water to the Peepal Tree every Saturday without touching it.

Offering flour to ants on Saturday will help to get rid of several problems.

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