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Explore your future mortality in your BIRTH DATE.

You would be shocked to find that your birthday includes a lot about your personality and your future life. You will know about your future life alone with the date of birth and time. Many responses to astrology, if you do not know what your birth date has covered up about you. The horoscope by birth date and time can accurately be determined.


Your life horoscope can be verified by date of birth. It allows you to know the predictions of your life, health, job and love life forecasts. Even if you have any Dosha in your Kundali, you can do a pujan, or wear it according to the horoscope in order to monitor planetary positions in your kundali (Kundali). By the date of birth, you will learn the following details on people. Varshaphal: Annual astrology that is an annual forecast of individual life events. By date of birth, the annual horoscope informs you the future of consolidation for the next year.

Nakshatra phal:

The nature, personality, actions and characteristics of a human being are important to know. You may know many things that have been unfunded for many years, using your date of birth. Some parents know their personality and what kind of person the baby will be in the future through the horoscope for their new born.
Sade sati details: This is the most important period in the life of the individual. Individuals who undergo Sade sati may have to face lots of financial and mental issues, so if you know about the lifetime of Sade sati. Through planning and approaching problems with peace of mind, they will mitigate their effects.

astrology and date of birth


Many of the predictions and assumptions from the date of birth in your horoscope are useful to individuals in their lives. It protects them from the difficulties they should face.


No marriage without the match of the horoscope is performed in Hindu culture. The families and parents in particular think most for their children’s married lives. So you visit your astrologer or your family priest to have the boy’s and girl’s Kundali match. By date of birth and place of birth the Kundali match can be done with a horoscope. The Horoscope match for weddings is useful to know the Guna match and Kundali match for compatibility. It helps to predict the success of marriage and the happiness that this new relationship brings into a couple’s lives. If there are any issues or problems that are likely to occur in the life of the boy and the girl, then a pujan or the marriage is cancelled, to cancel the effect of the negative effect in their lives.

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