Can astrology be trusted

I think that only if it has the opposite influence on us can we trust astrology. I believe that Astrology ought to help us accept, not paralyse, our will. As Paramahansa Yogananda’s Guru Sri Yuktesvar says: “The message boldly shone in the sky at birth is not intended to emphasise the destiny—the outcome of good and evil from the past—but to excite mankind’s will to escape its universal thrall.” He should undo what he did.

The instigator of the cause of any effects now prevalent in his life was none other than himself. He will transcend all limits by establishing them first of all by his own acts and because he has divine tools that are not subject to them. A forecast presumes no destiny, although this is how people sometimes view it. A student asked, “When people just have ‘free will’ they are able to falsify predictive astrology. I believe that the ‘free will’ definition should not go hand in hand, and that the ‘doctrine of predestination.’ Are you going to express your views? ”


How do I see destiny is interwoven with free will. A prediction, like a weather forecast, is possible. It takes on a relative possibility. You can estimate that in ten minutes, if you drive 60mph and are six miles away from New York City. You are however free to withdraw and change your path at any moment, so that the prediction cannot be accurate. Free will. This is free will.

But if the final exit is just 100 metres away, the speed of the car can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to manoeuvre at that final turn. It’s destiny. The speed of the car is the karmic momentum and can calculate the probability that someone can take another path. The captain realised that it couldn’t be navigated around the iceberg, as in the blockbuster film Titanic.

The momentum could be reversed so much. Nothing remained to change his life, except hoping for a miracle. In the end, it should be beneficial if you are to be able to believe in astrology. It must inspire, not deny. I believe that this was meant by the ancient wise men who created this great science. The sage Varahamihira wrote nearly 1500 years ago, “There’s no better boat than a horoscope to help man cross the troubled sea of life.”

trust is all what matters

Astrology can be trusted.

Astrology is a tool, a time chart, close to the physical map we use when we’re lost to surface. It should help us to participate in the battles we face, rather than disassociate ourselves. In Star Trek, it’s like Captain Picard ordering “Engage!” “To bring the boat in [high gear] warp speed, or Krishna warning Arjuna to fight Kurukshetra battle. Our development is not the final outcome, but the path. Being active makes sure we do not lose the chance to develop regardless of the final result.

The great psychologist Carl Jung said, “But until you make the unconscious mind, it will direct the way of your life, and you’ll call it destiny.” We learn to choose better, motivated, trust and handle our karma intelligently by becoming mindful of the karmic trends that we are unaware of. We can trust astrology to be of support and not fatalism only when predictions are made in the light of free will. Astrology then becomes a guide for reflection and application of experience to make the necessary changes.

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