destiny vs free will

Fate and free will decides our destiny, according to destiny. Destiny refers to the many circumstances of life, and free will, through thinking and action, is how we respond to them. As we respond, more karma is generated, and the future collection of circumstances is decided. Our fate is created by our free will, in other words.

Vedas accept our human life objectives, dharma, artha, kama, and moksha.
Dharma may essentially be described as the most conducive mode of action for the growth of one’s mind. Dharma fulfils a person’s life with sense, intent and honour.
Kama literally translates as a “want” and refers to the need for emotional and sensory happiness. Every being is in some way a seeker of joy. They must obey this joy without harm to itself or others.


is explicitly linked to the acquisition of richness or a sense of protection, although it translates as “goal” or “purpose.” An individual must have the requisite resources to achieve his or her goals.

The final aim, moksha, means “liberation,” and concerns the spiritual growth of people before they are fully free from the cycle of birth and mortality.The map of our karma is Vedic astrology. In order to accomplish these four goals, it helps us to truly grasp our own nature and destiny.

Ultimately, however, it’s about helping us in our spiritual development to achieve the final goal of moksha. By studying our horoscopes, we can better comprehend what energies are affecting us, and how we can best respond to those energies, often with spiritual practices like chanting or ritual worship, to help us in our spiritual growth

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