Astronomy is a science that examines everything that occurs outside of the earth’s atmosphere, including planets, stars, asteroids, galaxies. Study and observation are the foundation of astronomers’ research. In comparison, astrology is assumed that stars and planets’ location influences the manner in which events take place on Earth.


If the Solar System and the Planets, other celestial objects like asteroids and comets, also other galaxies and the entire cosmos is of interest to you, what comprises space, and the possibility of intelligent life or of journeying through space, astronomy is your area of interest. Although astrological and astronomical practises have common origins, astrology vs astronomy today makes a significant distinction. The cosmos and its contents beyond the atmosphere of the earth is the study of astronomy. Astronomers study the celestial objects’ locations, movements and properties. Astrology is seeking to explore how these positions, activities and properties have an effect on earthly people and events.


For a few centuries one of the key reasons for astronomical observations and hypotheses was the ability to develop astrological predictions. Astrology remained in general science until the late 1600s. Until Isaac Newton showed some of the physical processes by which celestial bodies communicate. Hereby, he demonstrated that the same laws which make an apple fall out of a tree are also applicable to celestial motions. Astronomy has since become a totally distinct field. In which predictions are made and checked using empirical methods on celestial phenomena. Astrology is now seen as a lepse and a pseudo-science. While astrologers and publications in astrology still give thousands of people worldwide advice to make valuable technical, media outlets.

Rooted in the Vedas, the ancient system of wisdom in India, Vedic astrology relies on the belief in our existence as stars and planets. Life is meant for spiritual development, according to the Hindu teachings. This growth is partly encouraged by the notion of karma, the resulting reaction of every thought and every action.

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