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The influential British astronaut, editor, publisher, astrologer and theosophy Alan Leo, native of William Frederick Allan (Westminster, August 7, 1860 – Bude, August 30, 1917). Often he is called “the father of modern astrology” After its decline at the end of the 17th century, its work promoted a revival of Astrology in the Western world. He worked many of the religious ideas like karma and reincarnation in his astrology. Leo is a devout theosopher.

His works

His work was written, translated and circulated across Europe and America using the vast international contacts of the Theosophical Society. The first astrologer to argue for a loose interpretation of future experiential patterns, not the precise prediction of events, and to launch the movement for a more psychological-oriented horoscope analysis in astrology.

The father of Astrology has been designated as a ‘turning point’ in the delineation of horoscopes, as the astrologist James Holden explains: Then the so-called “event-oriented” Astrology gradually decreased in support of an interpretation of character and ambiguous explanations of potential areas of psychological equilibrium or stress.

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In 1890, in Brixton in the South of London, Leo invited George Mead to found an occult lodge. In 1909, and again in 1911, near the end of his life, Léo went with his wife to India to research Indian astrology. Following his studies in India, he subsequently tried to include portions of Indian astrology in the western astrological model.

In Gustav Holst’s work, The Art of Synthesis (1912). Leos book The Art of Synthesis (1912). The planets were represented by Leo in this book, like “Mars the Energiser”
The astrological Lodge of London was established in 1915 by Leo. In 1914, 54 years of age, Leo was arrested for “unlawfully pretending to tell fortunes” with astrology. The argument was denied due to a lack of evidence, but Leo’s conviction led him to legitimise the astrology.

His recommendation to other astrologers was:

Take the fatalistic astrologer, who is proud of his projections and ever wants to reassure the world that we alone can see the merit on the predictive side of Astrology. We do not have to argue about its reality. But rather change the word so badly and refer to the science of tendencies as Astrology.

Leo was again subjected to a similar allegation in 1917. He lost his case and was fined £5 plus costs despite insistence on saying only “tendencies” not “fortunes”. On 16 July 1917 Leo was accused of “happiness’. Some weeks later, at 10:00 am on the 30th of August, 1917, he died from an apoplexy (cerebral haema). While on a break at Bude in Cornwall to recover his health after the trial had been ordered.

Father of Astrology used the ‘break’ as the time when, considering his wife’s warning. That was ‘he needs rest badly after the concern and distress of the legal affair’. He had rewritten hundreds of pages of ancient text to “re-cast and let it go more in accordance with the lines of character. It was less as an assurance of an unavoidable destiny’. His friend and colleague H.S. completed the rewriting of his work after his sudden death. Greene also pointed out how Leo was concerned by the prosecution in 1917 during the trial process.

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