This year your career will grow with flying colours rapidly. Gemini may get the right information about every aspect of your life. Your natives might see some ups and downs where you’d need to show full empathy and support.


As your Jupiter is quite strong this year you’ll see great mental and physical growth. You’ll see growth in your abilities too. Sometimes Saturn can tend to hurt your health but your immunity is going to save you anyways.


This year brings holy prosperity to Gemini. You’ll have a good foundation financially. Most Gemini will be a handful with money and opportunities. There are chances for some good works although you can always win.

Career and business:

Try performing some yoga because it may bring you success in your career. You’ll see yourself moving forward professionally. Gemini will be efficient enough to take any work in hand. You’ll be blessed with ample amounts of opportunities.
You can see plenty of benefits in your business. You’ll be playing your role very maturely. Some relations with business partners may be seen going down also you’d see lack of understanding. Gemini, your business to grow you’d need to meet new people and teams.


For singles, it’s your year. You’ll make good connections finally. People you’d think to be just friends might turn out to be a lot more important than that and can become family in no time. Already married couples will also see happiness and romanticism your way.


You could always make sure to strengthen your relations more. You’ll stay in good bonds still you may get more good by adding on new people. Although natives can be quite harmful to you mentally, make your place where you nestle important.


Try swapping red chilli with green in your food.

By chanting the Budh beej mantra 108 times you can overgrow all the obstacles.

You must offer the old women in your family with green bangles on Wednesday.

Free the birds from cages and you might see success your way.

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