In astrology, the planet Jupiter holds a great significance. In all branches of astrology, Jupiter is considered the most auspicious planet among all the nine planets. It is called Brihaspati in Hindi and Sanskrit. Vedic Astrology regards Jupiter as the Guru (teacher) of Gods. A teacher or guru is well known for benefiting people in life experiences and astrology both. This auspicious planet is often the reason for people being rich, commanding, wise, spiritual, educated, cultured, liberal, and generous. 

As per Astronomy, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Being so giant, it’s natural that it has got a huge role in the life of human beings and a great impact. The planet is known to be highly spiritual. It is regarded as the symbol of devotion, worship, and prayer in astrology.

Jupiter is one of the most effective planets in the birth chart and is inimical to the planet Venus. Jupiter is closely connected to the kids as it is connected with the newborn. It is also called the significator of wealth as it provides natives with a good financial position when favorable.

When the planet Jupiter is favorable, the native is blessed with kids, wealth, happy marriage, and spiritual success. However, the afflicted Jupiter can adversely impact native’s life. The person could be devoid of children and wealth. The person might not have a healthy marriage nor get respect and honor in the society.

Jupiter is characterized as masculine, fiery, sanguine, positive, liberal, cheerful, profitable, and decent in astrology. It is the ruler of two zodiac signs namely- Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is exalted in the zodiac sign of Cancer. It gets debilitated in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

According to Muhurt Shastra, the day of the week assigned to Jupiter is Thursday. The people who have taken birth in the Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign are often devoted, composed, decent, and spiritual by nature as a result of Jupiter being the ruler of their sign.

The people born with the direct or indirect influence of Jupiter are dutiful, obedient, calm, honest, and have a tendency of considering the welfare of other people.

Mythological beliefs related to the planet Jupiter

Jupiter is meant to expel the darkness of ignorance, nescience and it possesses great wisdom and maturity. Hence, it represents Dakshinamurthi God in the beliefs of people of the southern part of India. It is also popularly known that the planet Jupiter is the teacher(Guru) of the gods and hence it has great divine power. In Sanskriti, it is called ‘’Devguru’’. It is basically the symbol of knowledge, wisdom with a high level of calmness, composure, and spirituality.

Jupiter is revered differently across different branches of astrology, culture, and religion. The Hindu people across the world regard it as Guru. While the Greek people consider it as ‘ZEUS’. The people in Egypt revere it as ‘’Ammon’’. In Southern India, it is called ‘’Dhakshinamurthi’. The etymological meaning of the word Dakshin is South and Murthi means stone image. It means the God is so firm as if made of stone and is facing the South. It is particularly popular in the South Indian state in Tamil Nadu. Dakshinamurthi is worshipped as a form of Lord Shiva as a teacher or guru of all knowledge.

Planet Jupiter and its Significance in Marriage

Let’s discuss the most important topic related to Jupiter. We’ll also discuss marriage and happiness in married life. Actually both are the same thing. Yes, Jupiter is the most important consideration for a happily married life.

Why is Jupiter considered the most important planet in astrology when it comes to marriage?

The simplest answer to this most frequently asked question is- because  Jupiter is the father of marriage. A marriage is a relationship that works largely on responsibilities especially in cultures like India where family life is given utmost importance. Since Jupiter represents the responsibilities of married life, duty, and nature of that person so by considering Jupiter, we can come to know the details of how the married life is going to be. It is also used to make readings such as who will take the responsibilities of their own, spouse, family, child, fate, and sense of fulfillment in marriage. Astrologers can also come to know whether the person will take care of his or her spouse’s emotion or not using readings of Jupiter.

Jupiter is not only a giant planet in our solar system but also in the astrological birth chart as it affects a total of eleven places in the birth chart! So how are these eleven houses calculated and which are they? 

  1. The house in which Jupiter is placed; 
  2. Three houses which are the three aspects of Jupiter; 
  3. Two houses in which its own signs Sagittarius and Pisces are placed; and 
  4. Five houses namely second, fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh. These are the houses of elements governed by Jupiter.

Marriage is more about enduring it after the wedding. Both the husband and wife are in a position of huge responsibility towards each other and towards both families. They are responsible for taking care of each other and life-partners are known to influence the entire being of the person. A spouse affects the spirituality, understanding, position, and mindset of the person. That is the reason when marriage is seen in a person’s birth-chart, it requires astrologers to look at so many things. Marriage astrology is hence a very deep and comprehensive study of a person’s chart. The positioning of Jupiter affects the native as well as his or her spouse too along with childbirth. This way Jupiter holds so much significance as a planet in marriage astrology and matchmaking.

You can say if Jupiter is favorable or not in somebody’s life by Jupiter’s position in one’s birth-chart.  However, it would be very general as it is not possible to precisely interpret exact effects as it takes an in-depth analysis of various charts in the horoscope which only a knowledgeable Astrologer can do. For a detailed reading and understanding of marriage and how Jupiter is affecting, consult any of our Astrologers.

Vyomology wishes you a happy married life if you are married and a partner to lead a happily married life in case you are single.

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