Numerology is a very popular plot device in fiction. It is a topic taught in Arithmancy class in the Harry Potter series of books.

Both numerical and metaphysical, numbers carry meaning. In its easiest terms, numerology is the relation between a number, both on the person level and on a world level, and its mystical nature. Numerology is also an analysis of the alphabet’s numerical meaning.

 Numerology is a very popular plot device in fiction. It is a topic taught in Arithmancy class in the Harry Potter series of books. In Harry Potter’s world, Arithmancy was used as the practice of assigning numerical value to words in order to predict the future. Technically, Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. 

 Do you ever find yourself astound and gazing at the clock at 11:11 or get excited when you match your birth dates with someone or do you even jinx when you say the same thing as someone else at the very same time? Or do you believe to have a particular lucky number that occurs whenever you go good? To this question of digits, the answer lies in the digits. Yes, you’re right, this is all the big game of Numerology. 

Numbers, just like zodiacs do, tells or predicts your future, past and affects your present as well. Let’s say, Numerology is an excellent companion to Astrology. They go hand in hand. By numbers if you’re thinking Mathematics then you’re absolutely wrong as numbers in numerology have nothing to do with mathematics. To see your path all you need is a pen paper, some arithmetics and a root number. How sane does it sound that every alphabet and numbers are associated with each other? Exactly, that is how your full name can be used to reveal your destiny number, which offers you insights as to how you will express your greater soul. Then every destiny number has an expression of its own according to its energy and force. Just like there’s a lot to do and with astrology, numerology is a whole world maze in itself. Only one needs to discover it by all the means it takes to. 

History of numerology:

While numerology was not registered in English until 1907, there were numerological ideas for centuries. In ancient Egypt and Babylon, along with China, Rome, Japan and Greece, the earliest numerological records have emerged. However, the numerology father became the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.


Pythagoras was celebrated in his day for being a splendid mathematician and philosopher. While a large part of Pythagoras’ life is enveloped in mystery, his obsession with numbers is well known, and his curiosity has led him to travel to Egypt for 20 years to research Chaldean numerology. Pythagoras thought that the world was based on the power of figures and that anything and everything could, usually in single figures, be converted into numerical form. The concept of assigning numerical letters values in modern numerology is considered to be the Pythagorean numeric method.

In religion, too, the importance of numbers can be seen: the beast is synonymous with 666, the beast is represented by 888 and the Holy Trinity. Eight nights lasts Hanukkah. Each card in Tarot is numerated, and its numbers are of singular significance. The fourth is linked to poor luck in the Chinese culture. 

In order to explore the universe, we still use this method of numerology — some people use it also to play on the stock market. Numerology, however, most use astrology in a similar way—for self-discovery and prediction.

Numerology portrait:

A numerological portrait is your personalised life guide, similar to an astrological natal chart. A It shows your talents, flaws and who you might be. Consider it a magical cheat-board. Instead, numerology skews a little simpler than a natal map, which uses the exact time, location and date of birth to precisely measure your portrait. A number picture—also called a map in numerology—is only composed of six numbers: three numbers measured from your birth date (your birth numbers, direction numbers and attitude numbers).

Although each of these numbers and roles has unique significance, your life path number is the main number on your portrait. Add every single number of birthday – day, month and year of birth – into one single digit to determine your number on the way of life. This is an essential number, since it represents the way to achieve fulfilment in life. It explains who you are at your heart and who you might be if you are completely capable – like your astrological Sunshine.

Modern numerology:

The palmist and fortune-teller ‘Cheiro’ (Count Louis Hamon), who developed a scheme of what he called ‘fadic’ numbers, popularised modern numerology. These were reached by adding all the digits in the birth date of the subject together to create a number of destinies to which unique planetary and other significance was then added. 

Numerology systems usually assign a number to a letter of the name and/or place of birth. These are applied to find a basic number that is symbolically unique in terms of astrologic forms as well as special characteristics of beneficial and harmful influences typically assigned. The 22 symbols for the Tarot’s key arcana are often linked to good or unlucky numbers.

Numerology and astrology:

The study of astrology is about deeper connections between humans and celestial organisms – the planets and the stars, and how these celestial bodies’ movements and positioning can influence daily life. Numerology on the other hand illustrates the importance of numbers and alphabets in the understanding of oneself, the attributes and the personality, which can allow them to deal much more efficiently with these issues.

While they are somewhat different from each other, there are also many parallels and interconnectedness between these two different prediction principles. Both use a mixture of logic and science to produce forecasts that help change life and live a happier life in order to know our existence from within. Both allow us to deal with and manage the unexpected circumstances very carefully and efficiently.

The complex geometrical shapes, equations and signs in the birth diagram are all correlated with certain numbers that lead to the correct predictions. In addition, numbers have special characteristics that are again based on complex mathematical equations and formulas derived from date, month and year of birth as regards numerology. It is said that all these numbers emit some sort of vibrations (positive and negative) which then help to decide the destiny of the person in relation to the numbers with which they are connected.

The location and movement of the celestial bodies is also a common element in astrology and numerology, since they are calculated in terms of time, and are thus numerically created.

Numerology and celestial bodies:

Astrology has not been a recent mathematical implication and continues since the ancient Hellenistic Ages. It is important to see, in particular in terms of astro-numerology, how astrology and numerology go hand in hand. In this system, the majority of celestial bodies were connected to numbers as unique numbers are assigned. Examples include 

One is a collaborator of Sun 

The Moon, Two 

Jupiter, three 

Earth, four

Mercury, five 

Venus, Six 

7 to Neptune and Ketu 

Saturn, eight 

Mars, Nine 

Pluto, eleven 

Twenty two for Uranus and so on.

Numerology and zodiacs:

Even the Zodiac signs have numbers associated. The homes in the birth map, for example, are related to unique numbers to which the zodiac belongs. It’s that, 

Leo binds numbers 1 and 4 

Cancer’s 2 and 7 

Virgo and Gemini 5 

Taurus and Libra 6 

9 With Aries and Scorpio 

3 Sagittarius and Pisces

8 for Aquarius and Capricorn.

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