leo ascendant traits

Getting a Leo ascendant means the Sun is your first house’s governing planet and a very important planet in your horoscope. The Sun floods you with light and never helps. You’re compassionate, ambitious, proud and – typically – very talented by your ascendant. You like to be respected, but trust isn’t a problem for you ever and you seem to be still young in your heart.

For the same cause, you appear to over-dramatize the things in your life. That is because everything seems to be too much under a lens. As a Leo Ascendant, you think so much about the general idea of love and love in particular. In this way, you shut down and turn into an iceberg. If you feel ignored or do not worship the way you deserve.


In any situation, you like to guide people and situations and lead. You enjoy your personal space considerably considering your generous disposition. Also can find any place inhospitable if you’re hurt or offended. An individual with Leo Ascendant can talk in a very animated way . At any given time canexpress its exact feelings and emotion.

This element, combined with their creative need, thus makes some of the most important actors in our period in Leo have their Ascendant. About all, the need for a Leo Ascendant really is for people who are respected and valued. Valued to lay strong foundations for the wishes and goals. Loyalty and love inspire you in all your activities. So you can be the most generous soul if you know someone really loves you. And has won your faith, commit yourself completely and wholeheartedly.

It gives you power and motivation to do almost everything to love and be loved! One of the main focuses of your life is partnering with others in order to accomplish a purpose greater than life. Most people believe that humanistic and educational goals are unachievable and admirable activities and that these pieces will come into place until you meet the right people in your lifetimes.

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