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For Leo Ascendant the Sun, Leo’s king, gives you some of your glow and definitely you never go unnoticed. You are ambitious, compassionate, persevering and particularly proud. Have great faith, you like to be respected, and you will do all you can to get the attention of others. You are still young at heart, regardless of your age. The incidents in your life are always dramatised too much.


Being an leo ascendant you enjoy handling people and circumstances in all facets of your life and playing a leading role. You can also plot, so you can be the ‘chief.’ While you are generous in nature, even with the most minor disagreements, you tend to use underhand means. Pay careful attention to your exterior appearance and personal space and thus create an enjoyable environment which can affect yourself and others in a positive psychological way.

leo ascendant

You prefer to use physical movements to be able either to attract, encourage or even intimidate someone with the ‘markers’ of physical gestures. You are the foundation stone of your ‘ego’ through the conception of love. Particularly having others, you naturally use body language to draw your attention.

You do not wish to look introspectively at your personality, but seek recognition through continual cooperation. As this enhances the strengths of your inner self. In order to differentiate yourself and be validated in the eyes of others. You aim to collaborate with others towards humanistic, political or education objectives.

It’s a matter of urgency. Regardless of whether it is an art piece, a romantic participation or a boy. This need is associated with the creation of the “ego” and the feeling of achievement. In addition to everything, what you want to see is to lay a strong foundation for your dreams. Alao to ambitions, goals and your own self, to ‘place roots’ in your own ‘home’ setting.

Life and faith drive you from the simplest of acts to your personal and professional endeavours. You are motivated by your efforts. Are committed to their heart and soul. When you know that someone is in love with you and has genuinely won your faith. You are encouraged to love and to be loved!

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