Leo may attain great success in your workplace, and your promotion can come your way heftily. Anyhow there are chances of you to get into some disputes and fights with a coworker. Hence it will be better for you to stay away from any argument. Also there can be wealth gains, but also too many expenditures. Hence, try to save as much money as possible.


There won’t be big health issues. Your energy levels and your stamina will increase as the year grows. Leo must avoid smoke and alcohol. High and low energy levels will keep on swinging. At times you are hyper-active and at other times, even with the smallest physical activity can make you very tired.


In the start you can see yourself weak financially. You’ll have many expenses which would make you want to save from the start. Expenses will keep on growing and hence your need to save and work more as well.

Career and business:

If you take your work or career lightly you may see downfalls. Your motive must be very true and right towards your work. You’ll learn many lessons this year. By keeping the importance of career in mind and playing it well you may see a smooth year.


You’ll see some good changes with your partner. Although lack of communication can bring some issues. If you show excess smothering it can affect your relationship too. Because of your busy schedules you can see changes and downs with your partner.


You tend to have better relations with your friends, kids and siblings as well. Your family will be your sole reason for happiness and all they’ll want in return is some support financially as well as emotionally.


By offering wheat flour or wheat dough balls to Nandi on Sunday you may see good results as per your hard work.

If you serve your parents and respect them, only then luck will be by your side.

On any Saturday, by performing the ritual of Chayadaan by seeing your reflection in mustard oil you can get rid of health-related problems.

You can also keep a fast on Thursday. During this time, maybe donate food to the poor and offer water to the Peepal tree without touching.

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