Number 3 represents energy. Energy is something that makes the universe work and when this pervades human beings, it helps in the upliftment of the self and of the society. This energy finds its expression in the people who are born under Number 3, who are honest and hard-working. These qualities flow out in many forms such as kindness towards others, commitment towards principles and devotion towards the motherland. Hence, many of the people born under this number are well-known to become great teachers, fierce patriots, committed social workers, and self-sacrificing noble souls. Swami Vivekananda, Saint Ramana Maharishi, philosopher J Krishnamurthi and the greatest of American Presidents Abraham Lincoln have their birth dates fall under Number 3.

General Qualities for Number 3

Number 3 denotes planet Jupiter, which represents wisdom. People born under this number are governed by Jupiter and hence many of them are good thinkers, philosophers, and compassionate human beings. These people are simple-natured, who is honest, sincere, large-hearted, gentle, dignified and committed to their work. They are traditionalists who respect elders and value self-esteem more than anything else. They are help-givers and not help-seekers and hence, many of them can be found to be involved in social causes, charitable activities, and voluntary organizations.

Physique and Personality for Number 3

People who are born under Number 3 are good-looking individuals with a well-proportioned body, bright face, and compassionate eyes. There will generally be a lot of heat generation in their bodies, and this may result in early baldness or greying of hair.

Natives born under Number 3 are usually intelligent, hard-working and responsible individuals, who are slow and steady by nature. They do not believe in luck but in unstinted efforts. Many of them reach high positions in life, which they very rightly deserve. However, there can be a wide variation in their confidence levels. A confident lot of people born under number 3 will be idealistic, courageous and turn out to be great personalities. The less confident lot of people born under number 3 will be mild-mannered, submissive and may not rise to too high positions in life.

In addition, of the four dates falling under this number, those born on the 3rd will be insightful persons and will be well-respected and famous. People born on the 12th may have to struggle in life, but will be selfless and helpful. They may also be good orators. People born on 21st may be wise, determined and successful, though they may be selfish. People with 30th as their birth date will be good thinkers. They may also be courageous and very talented.

Lucky and Unlucky Dates, Colors and Gemstones for Number 3

For the people born under Number 3, any number that adds up to 3 or 9 are lucky — their lucky dates will be 3, 12, 21 and 30, and also 9, 18 and 27. Their power will be on an increase in those days, and they can perform at their best by achieving good results and success. Hence, they are suggested to organize or start important personal, official and business events on any of these days for optimum results. Number 6 can be coined as not-so-lucky for the people born under Number 3 and they need to be careful on dates like 6, 15 and 24, as they may have to encounter impediments and failures on these days. It is better not to earmark these days for important jobs.

Any shade of red and purple can be considered lucky for people born under Number 3. They can use colors like pink and orange wherever possible. However, the color of the famous lotus flower (i.e. shade of pink) can be very lucky for them. They can wear these colors and paint their homes and offices with these colors. Along with these colors, a combination of saffron, purple and blue can also be good. However, black, and dark shades of blue and green may not work to their benefit and hence are better to be avoided.

The violet-colored quartz called the Amethyst is the most suitable gemstone for them. This can provide them with optimism, positive energy, and peace. Topaz or Pushparagam and yellow sapphire can also do them benefit. Wearing these precious stones on the left-hand index finger can help in being successful in higher education, and in bringing wealth and fame.

Profession, Business and Married Life for Number 3

People born under this number are fundamentally genuine and hard-working, and these qualities will help them to scale great heights in any field. Hence, these people can be found in good numbers in senior positions in the government and other institutions. They are also quite persuasive by nature and hence, all professions that require effective persuasion skills will suit them well. They can be professors, teachers, counselors, and even successful salesmen. Inquisitive and sharp-minded, they will also shine as scientists and researchers. However, business as such may not prove to be their cup of tea. These kind-hearted and considerate people can miss the ruthlessly competitive field of business. However, they may do well as trading partners.

Those born under this number are compassionate souls, who will look upon and treat their life partners with kindness. These people may generally get attracted to the people belonging to their lucky numbers 3 and 9, and a marital relationship with them will be quite compatible and enjoyable. People born under Number 2 will also make good partners for them. However, their marriage with people born under Number 8 may not result in success. In addition, these people are traditionalists and may be uncomfortable with modern outlooks, and this may be a cause for friction in married life.

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