Life path number 6 is the number of Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Coming under the direct spell of these two strong attributes. The Venus-ruled people belonging to Number 6 people will be charmers and they charm to conquer. They are capable of exercising influence and even domination over people, without others realizing it. Some will achieve material prosperity, while others, spiritual advancement. Anything aesthetic and all things beautiful will capture their imagination. TThey will often take the route of fine arts to achieve their true purpose of life — enjoyment and happiness.

Success and wealth are also their priority, and they think, plan and work assiduously for achieving these in life. There are many famous personalities born under Number 6 and they include Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone, former American President Ronald Reagan, Spiritual leader Dalai Lama, Scientist and former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Madhuri Dixit, Saint Sri Aurobindo, and the great architect Sir M Viswesvarayya.

General Qualities for Number 6

Individuals born under Number 6 usually love comfort and luxury as much as they love beauty. Many of them do not hesitate to display their affluence. One can see even some men belonging to Number 6 wearing jewels. They are large-hearted, but only to some extent and that may not get translated into help and kindness, often. They have artistic temperament and are also charmers and fame lovers. These can propel them to popularity especially in the fields like fine arts and films. Many of them are great entertainers.

Physique and Personality for Number 6

The charm of the individuals born under Number 6 generally manifests itself as feminine tendencies, and adds beauty to the physical features of both men and women. With round face, captivating eyes, chubby cheeks, thick and curly hair, alluring smile and well-shaped limbs, they can captivate others by their mere presence. Many of these ‘perfect-fit’ features usually continue till their old age also. However, they are required to remain physically active right through, as otherwise they can become stocky.

These people can have varied personalities depending on their ruler, Venus. A strong and positive planetary influence can make them selfless individuals who can perform great deeds for human welfare. A lesser influential Venus makes them lead a life of comforts and enjoyment. These will be financially lucky and can even be termed as Goddess Lakshmi’s (Goddess of Wealth) favorite children. However, a negative Venus can make some anti-social elements, who will not hesitate to exploit others ruthlessly, for their own unfair benefits. The people born under the same number can display such extremely diverse personality traits, is a fact, which may be stranger than fiction.

Out of the three dates falling under Number 6, people born on 6th can be humble, profound and noble, and can have good proficiency in fine arts. Articulation and oratory skills can be the biggest strengths of those born on the 15th and they can make striking impact with their felicity with words. Their appeal can also be irresistible. Those born on the 24th will be courageous, determined, hard-working and fortunate, and also ‘silver-tongued’ orators and these traits can take them to good heights in their vocations.

Lucky and Unlucky Dates, Colors and Gemstones for Number 6

For people born under Number 6, their own native dates 6th, 15th and 24th will always remain auspicious and lucky. Their power and impact will increase on those days, so that they can perform at their best, achieve good results and success. Other than that, the ‘9’ dates, that is, 9th, 18th and 27th will also be lucky. Number 3 may not be favorable for them and so, dates 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th may not bring them luck. Also, number ‘5’ dates of 5th, 14th and 23rd are not so beneficial and it is better to avoid these for undertaking anything important.

All shades of blue can be said to be their favorable colors. This includes dark blue, while dark green and shades of red too will suit them and work to their advantage. They can wear any of these colors and also paint their homes and offices with them. However, pink, yellow and white are not the ones meant for them and can be avoided.

Emerald is the ideal gemstone for planet Venus and it remains as the most suitable precious stone for the people born under Number 6. This can strengthen their hearts and bring them joy. Jade can also be worn, which can cure stomach ailments, while wearing Turquoise will improve mental power and clarity.

Profession, Business and Married Life for Number 6

People born under Number 6 can tend to artistic pursuits as fish takes to water. While fulfilling their desires and dreams, this can be their profession too. Their enthusiasm will drive them towards name, fame and wealth. These Venus-governed, beauty-loving individuals can also shine well as businessmen, trading in things that appeal to people’s aesthetic sense. Manufacture and/or sale of precious stones, jewelry, designer costumes, silk materials, fashion designs and architecture, cosmetics, perfumes etc. can remain as successful ventures for them.

They can expect handsome help and assistance from people falling under Number 3. While people falling under numbers 6 and 9 will extend helping hands. The natural charm of the Number 6 usually makes them lovable individuals. They also will get attracted towards the equally attractive, Number 6 natives and their marital union can be fruitful. Marrying people born under numbers 1, 4, 5 and 9 can also work for them. However, marital relationship with people falling under numbers 2, 7 and 8 may not produce children and hence, can better be avoided.

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