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Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada

Today we are starting blogs on Vyomology with one for Shree Ganesha-the lord of new beginnings. We pray to seek his blessings for the betterment of humankind.

Lord Ganesha is well-known and worshiped as the first deity in Hinduism. Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati’s son, Ganesha, is known as Vighnaharta (the Remover of Obstacles). He is known to provide wisdom and intellect. He is worshipped by Hindus regardless of all the affiliations. Actually, he is worshipped with devotion by Buddhists and Jains too.

The Elephant Head Form

Ganesha is widely known as “the elephant God” throughout the world. The form of Ganesha that we worship is symbolic and holds deeper meanings with significance.

Adi Shankara has explained Ganesha being “Ajam Nirvikalpam Niraakaaramekam.”  Which means he is unborn, attributeless (omnipresent), and formless.

Let’s dig deeper into the symbolism of Ganesha’s form:

  1. Big Belly: Ganesha’s big belly is a symbolic representation of generosity and total acceptance.
  2. Hands: Upraised hand depicts projection, lowered hand depicts giving and grounding. One means “fear not, I am with you” while the other means that we all came from Earth and we’ll become one with it in the end.
  3. Single Tusk: It symbolizes one-pointed often considered as strong will-power. This leads to another name of Ganesha “Ekdantaya”. 
  4. Weapons (Ankusa and Paasa): They symbolize powerful spiritual awakening and control respectively. Closely meaning the proper control of a huge amount of energy for putting it into best use.
  5. Musak Vahana: The mouse can use its sharp teeth to cut any rope despite its small size. It symbolizes mantra and conscious effort which can cut through layers of ignorance and lead to ultimate knowledge.

Lord Ganesha’s Significance in Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, Ketu is known to be the most mysterious among all the nine planets. Ketu is a shadow planet and closely linked to Lord Ganesha.

Ketu is mysterious because of the ways it affects the native. When favorable, it can benefit the native in huge leaps and bounds, provide luxury, wisdom, and spirituality. Ketu is also known as “Moksha Karaka”, an indicator of liberation, has the potential to give ultimate enlightenment and Moksha when placed in the 12th house.  When unfavorable, it can cause lots of difficulties in a native’s life and keep the person away from enlightenment.

Ketu is governed by Lord Ganesha. Being the planetary overlord, Ganesha can magnify or reduce the effects of Ketu. Worshipping Lord Ganesha can enhance the favorable Ketu to provide all the above-mentioned attributes to natives and diminish the ill-effects of Ketu by the largest possible extent.

Lord Ganesha is also associated with Mercury, the planet of intellect. This is the prime reason for worshiping Lord Ganesha on Wednesday which is Budhwaar in Hindi(and Sanskrit), a day attributed to Mercury. Worshipping Lord Ganesha can magnify or diminish the effects of Mercury. When favorable, the natives get blessed by Ganesha with higher intellect through Mercury.

Forms of Lord Ganesha and Zodiacs

There are always specifics for each zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology embraces the diversity of strengths and needs of various zodiacs and provides a way specific for them. The same is for Ganesh Pujan. Ganesha is worshiped prominently and holds strong significance in Vedic Astrology. He is also known and worshipped in different forms.

There is a specific form of Lord Ganesha to worship as per your Zodiac sign. Let’s discover which form you should worship to seek the most blessings of Vinayaka especially on his birthday i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi.

Zodiac SignsForm of Lord Ganesha
GeminiKrishna Pigaksha
SagittariusBhal Chandra

Birthdays of our Lords are way different than that of humans, we celebrate their birthdays and homecoming with lots of cheer and instead of giving gifts, we seek gifts of their blessing and ask them to be with us. This Ganesh Chaturthi is different from all others in our entire lifetimes. Streets are silent, kids are home, places for pandals are empty, people are inside the home instead of rushing to celebrations. All the bright colors of the festive, joy of celebrations, the sound of cheer are somehow low as we are confined in our homes But this doesn’t lessen our devotion and happiness as we welcome Bappa in our homes.

Let us all pray that Ganesha, the lord of new beginnings, begins a stage of healing and health with him. Let us all pray that Vighnaharta, the remover of all obstacles, removes this deadly virus from the Earth. Let us all pray that Vinayaka, the first deity of our culture, showers us with health, healing, and happiness.

॥ॐ एकदन्ताय विद्धमहे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि, तन्नो दन्ति प्रचोदयात्॥

Let us keep the deep symbolism of Ganesha in mind as we experience the omnipresent in the form of the elephant God, yet be fully aware that Ganesha is very much within us. Let’s carry this wisdom with us as we celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi this year.

Vyomology wishes everyone a very happy Ganesha Chaturthi.

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