The path that we take in our life is determined by the choices we make, life path numerology is probably one of the influential numerology aspects. It is based on the birth date of the individual. The life-path analysis indicates the precise characteristics that are dominant all throughout your lifetime. Moreover, that number is determined by life-path, hence life path numbers.

What is Numerology?

We can say that in numerology the very essence of a human personality is based on life-path number. It also provides clarity about signs or other barriers and other triumphs are coming our way throughout life.

Following is the method of calculating the life-path: How can life- path number is calculated?

•           First comes the birth date: Your birth date is an indicator, and a window to your life- path, for example, June 15, 2001

•           Reduce to a single digit by addition: Reducing month, day and year to a single digit by addition, or summing them. Month: Since June is the 6th month. So by adding the digits 0+6=6 Day: the birthday is 15th

So by adding the digits 1+5=6

Year: year of birth is 1999

So if we add the digits 2+0+0+1= 3.

Finally, Month +Day+ Year

6+6+3=15, Adding 15 also, 1+5=6.

•           Finally: Hence the life path number is 6

So what does your life path number says:

There are numbers that represent different characteristics

For Example:

People with a total of 1- life path numbers are primarily Leaders.

Those with a total of 2-life path number are primarily Mediator.

People with a total of 3- life path numbers are primarily Communicators.

Those with a total of 4- life path number are primarily Teacher

People with a total of 5- life path number are primarily Freedom Seeker.

Those with a total of 6- life path numbers are primarily Nurturer.

People with a total of 7- life path numbers are primarily Seeker.

Those with a total of 8- life path number are primarily Powerhouse.

People with a total of 9- life path numbers are primarily Humanitarian.

•           Life Path Number 1 – Leader:

The main aim of the people with life path number 1 is mainly to develop and innovate new things, creativity and confidence. As 1, your presence here is to act on the creative ideas and at the same time become a leader. In the same manner, people who have path number 1 are by nature: innovative, original thinker, energetic. Etc. But, at the same time Narcissistic, Self-important, intolerant, and insecure.

•           Life path Number 2- Mediator:

The main aim of the people with life path number 2 is mainly to develop harmony, peace, stability, and cooperation. As 2, it’s all about feeling needed, loved and respected, your inputs are valued and cherished. Thus, your nature is Sensitive, intuitive, and supportive, at the same time you are childish, immature, self- centered.

•           Life Path Number 3- Communicator:

The purpose of your life is to develop, creative expression, happiness, and a way to facilitate communication. As 3, one might feel that everyone can do what you do because it is so easy for you to do. You are by nature: expressive, facilitator of communication, artistic, witty. Etc., at the same time, you are superficial, emotional, volatile, fearful, etc.

•           Life Path Number 4- Teacher:

The purpose of your life is to develop such processes that promote stability and enables everyone to meet their goals. You make a fantastic and superlative teacher, it doesn’t matter whether you land up being a professional teacher or not. One more attribute is that you are the best person to surpass in the managerial field. You are attributed as a builder. And you think out of the box. Furthermore, you are: dependable, stable, loyal and trustworthy at the same time you are also rigid, bossy, way to blunt, unorganized, etc.

•           Life Path number 5- Freedom Seeker:

You are a seeker of fearless adventure, your purpose is to give yourself permission for self-experience before retiring or settling down at the same time to create the constructive use of freedom. We know that the number 5 is the number of excess. You by nature are freedom lovers, adventurous and fearless, but at the same time, you are indulgent excessive and restless.

•           Life Path number 6- Nurturer:

You with number six, have the purpose of life to develop responsibility, and pursuits of visions, you are meant to be your own boss or in other words, you don’t like to be dictated. You are by nature and entertainer and you don’t need anything or anyone to keep you entertained. Anything in the field of the judiciary, and justice excites you, you give importance to your family and friends and relationships. Further, your nature is family-oriented, romantic, artistic, at the same time you are also perfectionist, self –righteous and meddler.

•           Life path number 7- Seeker:

The purpose of your life is to create spirituality, trust, and openness. What you are seeking is the answer to life’s big questions, you a person who lives a life in their head, and you tend to over-analyze everything around you. You are now in a phase of learning- how to manage your emotional side of life. Furthermore, you are great with all the career options that you select. similarly, Your nature are analytical in mind, knowledge-driven, and spiritually inclined, and at the same time, critical, obsessive and get frustrated easily.

•           Life path Number 8-Powerhouse:

Your life’s purpose is to develop a constructive relationship with finance and money, control and authority. You are destined to create a bang in the world of money, authority, and control. And these people can easily create and generate good authority and control. You are in the world to master the art of success in this materialistic world. similarly, Your nature is financially abundant, and powerful at the same time you are also you are controlling, opinionated, and passive.

•           Life Path Number 9Humanitarian

Your life purpose is to create situations of humanitarianism, wisdom, and integrity. And you are mainly versatile and you are successful in anything that is your passion, your feeling of fulfillment comes from the big or small act of Humanitarian services. Thus, with your Zeal to create new environment and your humanitarian wisdom, you can make difference to the world. Hence, you are mainly compassionate, magnetic, generous, but at the same time, you are as well submissive, close-minded and arrogant.

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