Pisces will do great in their workplace. You can get an opportunity to move abroad for work. You’ll have an average economy this year. You and your parents will get along pretty well.


Sometimes Pisces will be quite resistant to diseases and live good and healthy. And sometimes your Mars will try to take away all your enthusiasm. You will always try to keep yourself busy- mentally and physically. Your Saturn would bring you daily health problems but preventions and proper medication would do.


In terms of financial horoscope, this is a year of abundance for native Pisces. Jupiter, the wealth and wealth planet is well positioned, so that this year your hands will be wealthy. You will change your lifestyle and you will also agree on certain long-term investment plans.

Career and business:

Professional life is going to stay constantly good. You’ll have success in any field you choose. You will become more dominant this year and hence hold many rights too. By mid year you’d have to go travel for work and that will get you many more opportunities.
You will be able to expand your business more. The starting of the year will give you abundance of success. Because of good relations with the people from society you’ll get a lot of help for new startups.


You will have a better bond with your friends this year. Your marriage tends to stay great in the start and then the end of the year, the middle times are going to be tough. Some of you’d already want children as your planets tend to that direction strongly.


The lives of your native family will grow even more this year. Your planets will have a huge influence on your family on you the entire year. Some disputes tend to occur, at such time show the real and true you.


Before leaving your house you can keep a yellow-coloured handkerchief in your pocket.

It will be auspicious for you to worship Shani Dev’s friend Lord Hanuman and also recite Bajrang Baan.

Perform the ritual of Chaya Daan.

Installing Vyomology can prove to be auspicious for you.

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