In the house of chart of the 12 houses Rahu and Ketu both the planets are shadow planets and positioned opposite each other. The north node of the demon is called Rahu and the south node is called Ketu. Ketu represents the tail of the Demon. Ketu governs the constellations called Ashwin, Magha, and Mool.

The Ketu or the south node of the Demon is represented as the difficult, selfish or egoistic deeds, bad karma of your past lives. On the other hand, the other side of Ketu represents mastery of secret and mysterious knowledge and Moksha. But the mastery of moksha can be achieved by an individual after suffering or pains which are because of the placement of Ketu in among all the 12 houses in an individual’s horoscope.

Ketu is also considered as a shadow planet and it does not have any physical existence. But yes the impact is very great on the lives of human beings. Rahu and Ketu represent the karmic desire of an individual’s past and present. In ancient times our Rishis has allotted Sagittarius as the house of exaltation for Ketu, but some of the scholars think that Ketu is exalted in Scorpio. Likewise, it is debilitated in Gemini or Taurus. Ketu is considered strong in the Jupiter sign. Ketu feels comfortable with four planets namely- Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu. His enemies are Mars, Sun and Moon. Ketu has special enmity with Moon.

Ketu is one of the Spiritual planets, the person who has the influence of Ketu is gifted with spiritual achievements. The other interest of Ketu is religious and secret awareness which includes supernatural powers and ghost-related subjects. Such spiritual people have the power to heal through spirituality.

Ketu is also known to bring luxury intuition and wisdom if its placement in the horoscope is favorable. But if it is placed in unfavorable place then it causes anxiety. Along with ghost-related issues, unnecessary depression, lack of concentration and worries. Refer to the following to find the general prediction of Ketu in different houses of a horoscope chart. But the actual picture can be clear when we look at the positions of other planets as well. Ketu’s placement with other planets also depends on the aspect of Ketu and the house in which it is placed. The nakshatra of Ketu should also be analyzed.

Results of Ketu in 1st House of the Chart

If Ketu is in the first of the horoscope then it is considered to beneficial for father. Though the spouse may face some health-related issues. The fifth house can also bring problems in progeny or health for children. The seventh aspect of Ketu causes suffering and health-related problems for the spouse. Though the aspect of benefic planets may decrease the negative effects of Ketu.

Results of Ketu in 2nd House of the Chart

If the Ketu is present in the 2nd house of 12 houses then the native may be misunderstood. This is because of the harsh language though the person may be good at heart. The person may also face a lack of concentration in studies. Because of malefic Ketu there will be a lot of tour and travels but that would be not much of a beneficiary. The native may also feel dissatisfied because of his monetary status though the income is high. Success comes a little late in such natives.

Results of Ketu in 3rd House of the chart

If Ketu is positioned in the 3rd house of the 12 houses then it gives positive results. That person will be very wealthy and famous. If we discuss children then such native is known to have obedient children. This person will also be religious and god-fearing. The person will have good earnings and the traveling part will be beneficial. But all these results are only possible when the Ketu is benefic and Ketu is placed exalted and has aspects of favorable planets. Because of malefic Ketu traveling will be a waste of time and money.

Results of Ketu in 4th House of the chart

If the malefic Ketu is present in the 4th house then it causes problems related to health for mother. There may be cases when the relationship with the mother will not be good. There might be tensions and depression and the native may face health-related issues specifically diabetes, also heart-related issues. Issues related to the property may be a reason for money.

Results for Ketu in 5th House of the chart

If the Ketu is in the 5th house then there may be problems in life if it does not have the aspect of a benefic planet like Jupiter. Progeny is also one of the issues with such natives, delay in birth and miscarriage can also be problems for them. If the child is born then even the child is prone to face health-related issues. Studies of the child may be affected and also Ketu is not good for love related matters. Gambling and speculation are beneficial for such natives.

Results for Ketu in 6th House of the chart

If the Ketu is placed in the 6th house then the Rahu will automatically be in 12th house. Such a position creates situations when the native has settled abroad and lives a happy and blissful life. But some health-related issues like UTI or weak eyesight may be there.

Results for Ketu in 7th House of the chart

If Ketu is placed in the 7th house of the 12 houses then there might be hurdles in marriage as Ketu creates problems. Marriage will be delayed or there will be a troublesome marriage. There might be a lack of faith and trust among the partners.

Results of Ketu in 8th House of the Chart

If Ketu is placed in the 8th house then it gives negative results. As 8th house is considered as bad in astrology. There are problems in earnings and financial matters and also it brings hurdles in life. If Ketu is afflicted then the native is prone to injuries and accidents.

Results of Ketu in 9th House of the Chart

The native will have negative effects in life if the Ketu is in the debilitated state in the 9th house. The natives will be poor and will not be a person of ethics.

Results of Ketu in 10th House of the chart

The tenth house of horoscope is the house of Saturn which is lord of sign Capricorn so the Ketu’s effect will depend on the position of Saturn in the native’s natal chart. If Saturn is in a strong position then it will give positive results, the natives will be lucky and self-centered.

Results of Ketu in 11th House of the chart

As per the Vedic astrology 11th house is considered as the house of income flow. So all the planets in this house are considered to be auspicious the same way as Ketu. But Saturn’s position needs to be analyzed before coming to any final conclusion. Saturn is the lord of 11th house, so if the Saturn is strong then the results will be positive.

Results of Ketu in 12th House of the Chart

If the Ketu is in the 12th house then it is not considered as good because the native may face some of the legal obligations loss of money but if the native’s Jupiter is strong then it gives positive results.

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