Planets role in Astrology

In the natural zodiaque each of the sun, Moon, and planets embodies governs the energy of a certain sign. An image of the intrinsic characteristics of the sign. We all have a special natal chart showing us exactly where every planet and constellation was in the sky right now. For instance, although Mars historically rules Aries, when you were born this fiery planet may have been in Capricorn. That means you filter through a capricornian lens all the classic Martian features.

Another cool thing to remember. With the inner planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus – the Zodiac is easily transferred. Which means it has a more private, personal effect on us. It takes seven years or longer to pass through the zodiac on the outer planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto—which is why a particular moving or sensing will distinguish each generation.


Sign: Leo Sign

Governs: ego and self-sense. It is where the truth of our existence lies, that our identities are created, that the sun is our ego’s source. “What’s your sign, if anybody says? “In fact they’re asking “What’s this sign of your sun? “When you’re who you’re, it helps you lead a healthy, well-rounded life to fully recognise and embrace this important part of yourself.”


Sign: Cancer

Governs: Emotion and sentiment. If your sun sign represents your external personality, your moon sign is focused inside, which reveals your emotional heart. It defines how you handle your thoughts and moods. It also shows a far more astrological self-portrait to you how your Sun and Moon signs communicate. See our Moon sign guide for a more thorough examination of the meanings of your Moon sign for you.


Sign: Gemini, Virgo.

Governs: knowledge transfer. It governs our ability to communicate, to explain and to understand. You are intelligent within your Mercury sign. Your Mercury sign teaches you how to listen, read, write, and speak, so that you can understand how your Mercury signs work. This is also why Mercury means miscommunications in retrograde.


Sign: Libra, Taurus

Governs: Beauty and love. Oh, Venus, sweet. Our Venus sign defines how we give and accept love, and it is here so in ourselves and other people we find comfort and support. Venus governs all that is fun, swoon-worthy, aesthetically pleasant. You open up yourself to genuinely satisfying relationships through the understanding of your Venus symbol, so you can express what you need and give your loved ones what they need.

role of planets in astrology


Sign: Aries

Governs: bravery and will. Fiery and enthusiastic, Mars rules who we pretend to be — our “fighting” in the “fighting” (Mars is the god of war, after all). Here we can be hostile and unpredictable but if properly harnessed, our sign of Mars can be our greatest source of courage and self-power. In your sign of Mars, you will also find unbelievable independence and sovereignty, and if you are trapped or passive, transform first.


Sign: Sagittarius

Governs: Food and abundance. This giant planet offers life to a whole range of hopeful optimism, and it is whereas seen as a planet of wonders, hope and chance. Jupiter wants you to grow up as a human hence if you listen carefully to the sign of your Jupiter, you are definitely going to get the gain.


Sign: Capricorn

Governs: Discipline and devotion. Saturn is the master job of the solar system, known for presenting great obstacles to you – but, of course, to your own benefit.
Your Saturn Return is to blame for your quarterly crisis and, if you feel particularly upset by a difficult situation, Saturn generally does it, pushing you to do a hard job to become a better person.


Sign: Aquarius

Governs: Transition and uniqueness. Uranus is an external planet that takes 7 years to orbit the sun, which means there are large numbers of people who share a Uranus symbol, as we described earlier. Have you ever heard of the aquarium era — the nonviolent activists who spent their time doing good things in the sixties? These people all had Uranus in Water, and astrological characteristics of Uranus include radical reform, while challenging authority and promoting individuality.


Sign: Pisces

Governs: healing and intuition. Neptune is here to help you move away from your ego and from your consciousness and live in the meantime. It does not sound trippy? Neptune is considered to be a little out there. It’s all about uncovering your soul and hence creating your spiritual knowledge.


Sign: Scorpio

Governs: Strength and transformation. Even if Pluto’s planetary difference is disputed, its astrologic impact is not unbelievable. Pluto rules over our destinies and at the same time reminds us of how brief an existence is, giving life to our greatest wishes, so we can better do something unforgettable while here.

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