Mars is red, and by nature, this planet is also considered angry and male. This planet rules bravery and trust in a horoscope. Mars’ wise occupation represents military, warriors, construction workers, engineers and real estate. Famous surgeons also have Mars in their horoscopes . Marketing is also controlled by it in modern times. 

This is also influenced by the Police, Military and Para Military Departments. This also governs the field of technology and people with good Mars are bound to have outstanding technical qualities. Martians favor arguments and are brief as well.


The person certainly looks young on Mars in Ascendant. If it is favourable , it’s other qualities are energy, management skills, determination in all life fields. It creates aggression and further anger and barriers to life if this is adversely affected. Red Coral is it’s Gemstone. 

For Cancer and Leo ascendant, it is considered malic but this is a Yogkaraka that gives prosperity and richness to the native people. Mars is the ruler of the zodiac signs of the Aries and Scorpio. It was found that It gives Arians open aggression and Scorpions secretive aggression.

Mars controls passion and indicates strong sexual urge that is uncontrollable. In marriage between a girl and a boy, it plays a very important role. Dosha is very famous in Vedic Astrology. The horoscopes of boys and girls are therefore matched before the marriage proposal is finalized. This dosha can cause obstacles, breaks, conflicts and even divorce in a person’s marital life. Manglik Dosha is responsible for the placement of Mars 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in a horoscope. 

Fire is Mars’s element. In the solar system, it is known as the Defense Minister. Its number is 9. 

Sun and Mars are hot planets both. Hot planets. Sun provides the heat necessary to support life on earth, but the energy and heat are explosive to the degree that destruction can cause. The energy in Mars is primarily responsible for earth accidents and wars. This is why Sun is considered to be just Papi (extremely warm), but Mars is marked as a malefic planet. 

Mars controls arms, firearms, crackers and explosives production. It’s a copper element. It mainly controls the red blood in the human body and the bone marrow.

Further information on Mars characteristics is given in the following table:

Day: Tuesday

Direction: South

Colour:    Red

Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 45 days (Average)

Orbit time of whole Zodiac: One and half year (Average)

Nature: Furious and aggressive

Constellations ruled:    Mrigshira, Chitra, Dhanishta

Friendly planets: Jupiter, Sun, Moon

Enemy planets: Saturn and Rahu, Ketu

Neutral planets: Mercury, Venus

Own Sign (Rashi): Aries, Scorpio

Mool Trikon in:    Aries

Exalted in: Capricorn

Debilitated in:    Cancer

Special features: Resentment

Metal:    Copper

Precious Stone: Red Coral

Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 7 years

If well placed signifies: Prosperity, wealth, Good position

If adversely placed signifies:    Arrogance and jealous nature

Representation: Younger siblings

Body parts ruled: Bone marrow and red blood cells etc

Diseases given : Blood problems, Tension, Restlessness.

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