Your performance will get better with time at the workplace and you’ll be very appreciated for your work. Sagittarius will grow financially more than last year. In education you’ll find it easier to understand things. Your spouse will have some health issues. Some obstacles will keep coming your way. All you need is to stay focused on everything.


You’ll have a good stable healthy life mostly. Surroundings around Sagittarius tend to have positive effects on you this year. However that doesn’t mean you cannot eat well and exercise on a daily basis. At the beginning health may have some issues but with proper care and mediation that too shall pass.


Not a good financial year for some but your luck may take you ahead. You need to focus on all your moves and plan for a long term already. It may bring you good finance slow but good. Sagittarius needs to keep away from useless expenses.

Career and business:

You’ll be improving your performance with tremendous support from your seniors and friends. You will get good results from the start of the year. You’ll have an increase in salary and position as well. Career wise this is your year.
Your intelligence will help you grow your business which will bring you success when meeting new people or companies. By year end you can face some problems but that’s just the thing of time, which will pass smoothly, and that will really motivate you to face your opponents cheerfully.


For Sagittarius some sort of discords will be visible with your partner. But if you save time you’ll be able to communicate well and let go of things bringing your relationship down. You must think about going to some trip with your partner, it will definitely make things better than they were supposed to be.


You can see yourself distancing from your family but that will only bring you good and peace. However your family is going to stay calm. So whenever you can’t find a way out of things you can always think of going back home which will really help you clear things. You’ll although support all the people you love and keep them cheerful.


You must water to the Peepal Tree without touching it every Saturday.

Try worshipping the banana tree on Thursday and offering Chana Daal as it proves to be very beneficial.

Wearing Manikya or Ruby gemstone engraved in a copper ring before 8:00 am morning on Sunday in the ring finger will give you many advantages.

On every Saturday, donate Mustard Oil and Sabut Urad Dal or pulse to the poor and needy, it will bring you luck.

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