Being Scorpio you and your spouse may see some difficulties this year in bonding with each other. For academics you won’t get good results until you work harder than you did earlier. You will be disturbed as your parents won’t be having a good time dealing with their health. Although you’ll have good physical comfort


You’re advised to stay as far from chronic diseases as possible. They may affect your health if caught. Though you’ll have enough energy to kick away all the negativities. If you take proper precautions you’ll be safe and fit.


This year brings prosperity for Scorpio. You’ll be earning a hefty amount of money and won’t have much expenditures to spend on. You’ll be saving well this year. With that you’d be very happy to gift yourself and your loved ones with pretty gifts which may make them very happy about you.

Career and business:

For your job, to stay on top intact you’ll have to work really hard. Avoid being lazy and stop procrastinating, this will keep you mentally stable. By the end of the year you’ll see huge success your way, but for that you’d need to work hard from the very beginning.


For singles, you can go easy by flirting, it may give you good results. But for couples, some might have terrible effects in your relationships. Try to hold on and understand each other rather than avoiding. Some of you are also making the strongest contacts with your new partners this very year.


There are possibilities for your parents’ health to stay bad, and that will give you a lot of stress. Make sure you’re there with them when they need you to be. Your family is still going to be your biggest interest. Your family life otherwise will be very fun and smooth.


To get good results in your professional life wear Pearl gemstone carved with a silver crescent moon around your neck.

Before leaving home every day you must apply a tilak of pure saffron or turmeric on your forehead. This will get you fruitful results.

You must once organize Rudrabhishek Puja at your place of residence with the family.

To get rid of career problems mic some sugar with water in a copper vessel and offer it to the rising Sun every morning.

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