In order to survive in society everyone needs a source of income. An individual may earn income from different sources, such as work or business. Therefore, Vedic astrology is used to understand how much income an individual receives. Company is the only income stream that offers job and finance independence.

Almost everyone wants to own a company, but not everyone has the same planetary conditions and combinations. Let us investigate, by analysing the horoscope, how the source of revenue is calculated. In the second, seventh and ninth house in a horoscope, the probability of owning and running a company is examined. The indigenous people are likely to own a business . That when the planetary conditions of these houses are favourable and help the ascendant in the 10th chamber.

The stronger the home, the more profitable it is. Mercury is also the corporate source of the earth. Mercury is strong or is connected with a lord in the horoscope of the 7th, 2nd, 11th, or 10th house. Those lie in the house of the 10th, 9th, or 2nd house, the individual will appear to have a company.

In the other side, the locals either venture into a small business or may not be interested in owning one. Especially when the planets or houses are incompatible with each other or if a second house is affected by malaises. Similarly, if Mercury is in a good place, the lord of the second house will start a business very early. When the native person is in a good position.

Corporate Relationship

If the second house in the horoscope is specifically impacted by malignant planets, then the native individual would find it hard to enter into a relationship. The condition is the same if the seventh house is affected and the 2nd and 7th house is the same.

On the other hand, the native could make business with his life partner or close friends of his counterparts, when planets in the seventh house are advantageous like Mercury, Moon or Jupitor or if the 2th home is influenced by malefics or the lords of the second and 7th houses are not equivalent.

However, if the 2nd and 7th house are similar and Mercury in the 7th or 2nd house, the indigenous people will do business in collaboration with others.

Company performance

If the house of the second, 9th and 11th is in good position and the ascendant or the second or 11th house is favourable to Mercury, the native is prosperous in business. The second and eleventh house control finances. All these houses can be best paired with planets and good luck to succeed in companies. Even if the house in 2nd place is good but the house in 11th position is bad, the native may do small business. After many years, losses or benefits can occur if the business is well known.

Company loss

When the 11th house is plagued by malefic planets or damaged or linked only to enemy planets, the native cannot succeed in any kind of sector. Also, it’s difficult for the native to succeed in business when the 11th house is high and luck isn’t favourable with the afflicted 2nd house.

If the houses are strong but luck is poor or vice versa the situation remains unfavourable to the native. The 2nd and 11th house have to be solid and lucky on the favourable side for business success. Strong homes are building company sources.

Planets’ engagement in industry

Mercury is a company in the native horoscope. If Mercury is nice in the second house and the ascendant is well positioned, then he is blessed by his entrepreneurial attitude. If Mercury in combination with the Moon forms a link with luck in the second house or lord of the 2nd house, then Mercury does a good job.

By making investment or trading in shares, he may make heavy profits. If in the second house Mercury transits to the fourth house and is lucrative and if the lord of the fourth house is ascendant, the native does business with cars and land.

Similarly, when Mercury is up and Moon in the 7th house, the indigenous man has a strong corporate mind and good sources. Through its operations, he gains wealth and fame in society.

Business prospects therefore rely on the location in the horoscope of incomes and finances of planets in various homes. Combinations of planets and houses appearing at the time of birth depend on business success or failure.

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