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Our whole way of life and living is determined by the world of behaviours we follow every day. The Moon, its location, its integrity and its aspects are presented in the birth charts. The Moon gives a strong indicator of the space astrology for your house. Astrology is a powerful tool for the flow of energy from the routine we make.

Your Lines Finding

Stage 1:
To begin, build your horizon map according to space astrology of house for the city in which you live. It is an incredibly important map that uses planetary projections on the surface of a smaller part of planet Earth and talks about our subjective feeling and relation to our foundations.

Keep in mind that this map must be correctly focused. To match the environment and you will need to reverse it to the left side on the western side. The right side on the east side on your software. Once this map is in place, render colourful lines in the middle and opposite end of the zodiac circle on each Planet.

Stage 2.
Take the right proportions of the scheme of your apartment or house. You will find the middle by creating a rectangle. That with its farthest angles and drawing diagonals in the way of crossroads. The centre can also be placed outside your house, depending on the scheme. Set the compass in the middle and centre of your apartment. Then draw as accurately as possible the sides of the planet.

When you finish, place in your centre of the horizon map, overlap North with North. Then see where the planetary lines are, so that one by one you can meet their requirements. The effect is greatest on either side of the line within around 10 centimetres. But a wider region for advantageous settings that you want to highlight or issues that you want to fix with a shot cannot harm.


The key way we understand a certain region on a subconscious plane is given by horizon charts. It reveals how we feel and how we invoke our heart with feelings. Along certain roads and in certain positions, both in our home and in the town in which we live. It gives us the ability to find the right location. Extend and see a new perspective in some difficult areas. Then alter emotional barriers and blockages through the world of habits.

Space astrology for your house

This takes time for us to adjust and embrace changes. So be patient and see how your feelings are shifting. It is better to go through the process gradually so that you can illuminate. Then metabolise the inner changes one by one. This takes self consciousness to a whole new level. This allows us to see how profoundly our lives can be affected by influences on our day-to-day climate.

In an ideal case, the centre must be empty and clean. It is the place of your potential and the seed of it all. It is not always a place, unfortunately, that we can affect a lot, especially if we put it in a thick wall or toilet. These circumstances need to be given extra consideration when talking about karmic debts and consequences of matters too much for us to carry out. The wall here shows the limits that have to be set before life can begin to flow tenderly and gives a special focus to the issues of Saturn.

Early steps

Clean your house of things that have been broken up. Out of service or without intention until you start working on your row. Beauty can be found in that which is broken and glued. Maybe this is not the energy that you want to sustain. Follow the sensation and stay conscious if you decide to keep such objects. Some areas may cause dysfunction, wall trousers, fading colours, or leakage of water. You do need to be alert.

It comes handy to remain stubborn here and to hold your ground when the line needs to be regenerated and to work as hard or demanding as it may be. Terraces and gardens open up our view if you have something, but they play a minor role in the alignment of your property. Watch the inner world first and then add information to the outside world. Ensure that your home is fresh, airy and light enough everyday.

While you can enjoy a nice, shady spot, sunlight is necessary for your essential energy and should be allowed in when you wake up, at least during the morning. Although this falls within the sphere of general knowledge, it is part of the astrological approach too, for each and every one of us has imaginative potencial and joy in the realms of the Sun.

The air flow is linked to air signals and it’s not so generous to the Light. The functional links between the two help the mind to communicate with your true inner force of imagination – the Sun, raising consciousness one step by one, and freeing you from the unhealthy forces of others in your mind and trust.

It is very normal to ignore or overwhelm those lines, so don’t be taken by surprise if your Jupiter line is able to get into the garbage when it is your 8th house rule, or your fallen Sun line is going far away from lighting or window to the toilet. Things that are impossible to influence can always be mended and healed to a certain degree. Just embrace your current settings and find ways to change things to a small extent. Over time, new choices eventually become available as trapped energies from the past start fluctuating again, and those nodes are tenderly disconnected.


We will publish a number of articles to explain the unique sound of each planetary line. Each one must be honoured in colour or other symbolism that matches your needs on both sides of your building. Think of these places as small altars that honour pieces that need to be healed and modified.

Bear in mind that everyone needs care, and that some of them are vacant, unfed, crowded or obstructed is perfectly natural. Untidy spots and dark ones are signs of problems that we choose to avoid dealing with and things that are easily beyond our control. Every house can be regarded as a living, vibrant organism.

Some of your needs are safe and in place, others can directly lead you to problems you would like to avoid. This is a clear representation of latent needs and conditions that can be found stalled in our age-old line on our journey to our soul from convictions and perspectives.

You should perhaps choose your life carefully and if Astrology is bound to offer freedom in its Aquarius position, it seems like a very good way to start taking advantage of its practical advantages. While an ideal environment cannot be identified, even minor adjustments over time impact your inner world.

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