This year will bring Taurus many changes financially. Although things can hit rock bottom in the very beginning of the year, but gradually conditions will get better. This year will show better communications with your relatives and partners.


Prevention is always better than cure, hence precautions must be taken. Your mental health can be challenged. As Taurus you have to do is take whatever comes in your way positively. Your energy levels will show good turnout.


Your finances will be normal. No massive changes will occur. Although a little hard work may bring changes. You may have to avoid too many luxuries for a happy living.

Career and business:

If you’re a professional worker you may see many ups and downs. You may work quite hard and maintain your dignity and the position you hold. You’ll have success even if you switch jobs.
For business backgrounders you must stay cautious as your trades might show fluctuations. Keep communications with your business partners good otherwise you may see some losses your way. Keep yourself strategic and take risks if needed.


There’s many goodness coming your way in your love life. Throughout the year you’ll both see happiness with each other. If single you’ll get you may get your perfect partner via social media as well. Overall love life is going to be perfect for you.


Things around you may not be so pleasing with your relatives, do not let it affect you and learn to adapt to them. Do not try to bring pleasure before you as this section seems to be hard on you. Try to be slow while making decisions regarding friends or family.


Touch the foot of girls below the age of ten and offer them food in the name of goddesses.

Offering flour to ants on Saturdays and serving and worshiping mother cows will bring you blessings.

Honour the women in your family.

Luck will come your way by by offering sweets to the poor on Fridays

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