Is happiest when they are able to do exciting things and probably fight a lil. They’re super cute when they’re happy because they get all flushed and when you say it they’ll be embarrassed and it’s adorable.


Is happiest when they are trusted and can trust people back and also when they have good status financially. Buy them something and they’ll shower you with love. They get pouty whenever you go to a store and you can’t say no to their cute pouty face.


Is happiest when they talk to someone they like or when they get to express themselves in every way. They love when you remember minute things about them. They’re detailed and get shiny eyes whenever you mention these small details about them.


Is happiest when they get to take care of others take care of them. They feel life’s good when they’re home. If you meet their parents you’ll notice how they will keep studying your face for minutes and it will make you annoyingly blush.



Is happiest when they get to feel confident about themselves and make people worthy by being generous. They get fidgety when they give you something hoping that you’d love it genuinely. Even if you don’t like their gifts try to pretend you do because they really do take efforts to make you feel special.


Is the happiest when they overcome their self criticism and able to analyse others. They’ll want to see every inch of you, everything. They’ll remember all details about you no matter what.


Is the happiest when loved and in love also when they have a good relationship. They love to send sweet paragraphs to wake the ones they love. They’d send you gifts and chocolates when you’d get sick. Sometimes they can make you want to puke but their efforts on you compensates everything


Is the happiest when they get to be sarcastic or witty and outsmart others. You can always have deep meaningful talks with them. They’d take you on long walks and give you roses on anniversaries. One person lover is what they are called.


Is the happiest when their freedom is respected and they’re able to talk freely with someone. They’re some low-key geeks who love to wear red lipsticks and indie band merch and go to comic-on. They’ll squeeze your hand when you hold theirs and dance with you in the rains and will later complain so that you take care of them.


Is the happiest when they have a good career and self discipline and get respected for that. They’ll stroke your skin like it’s gold and call it soft. They’re the ones who’ll turn off your alarm if you’re sleeping sound after long hours of work. They’ll make you breakfast when you’re sick and leave you sticky pads with cute messages all over the house.


Is the happiest when they’re different from others and independent also when they get respected for being themselves. Feminism talks excites them and every talk that includes equality does too. They like giving hugs from behind and always tries to make everyone around cheerful.


Is the happiest when people welcome and love them. They’re happy when they have someone to be with. They like to have their dreaming space and that nobody judges them for any chores. These never see your flaws as flaws. They love late night talks and music. Kind of overthinkers but would never wanna watch you hurt.

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