In Vastu Shastra, directions are a very important aspect without knowing the direction of the land or object we cannot find out anything either positive or negative. Directions are called nothing but the human eyes. Like eyes are important to the human body, similarly, directions are very important in Vastu. The right knowledge of direction is important to construct any structure. In ancient days, people would manually determine the direction by observing the Sun’s light falling on the area. But now in this modern world, we use a magnetic compass to determine the Vastu Directions. Hence for Vastu dosh nivaran, the directions are determined to garner the energy and enable positive energy flow.

Number of Directions in Vastu:

There is a total of eight directions, in Vastu- North, South East and West- They are the cardinal directions. The joining point of two or more directions meeting is called two or more the intercardinal or ordinal points such as NE, SW, etc. Hence these ordinal or the intercardinal directions are given importance in Vastu as it contains the attributes, benefits, and qualities of two different directions.

Our Shastras says that if we idolize and pray the Lords of these directions, people yield eternal benefits like success, health, and prosperity for vastu dosh nivaran.

In total there are 10 directions of which 4 are main, they are:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West

The 4 sub directions are:

  • Northeast also known as Ishan, in the center of North and East
  • Southeast also known as Agneya, in the center of South and East.
  • Southwest also known as Nirutya, in the center of South and West
  • Northwest also known as Vayaya, in the center of North and west.

The last two directions are 9th direction – Space and the 10th direction- Patal.

Each Vastu Directions in brief:

East or Purav:

This is the direction that is governed by Lord Indra he is known the king of Gods and he bestows wealth and pleasures in life. It is the first direction of Vastu; the sun the source of life and energy rises from east. It is the direction of prosperity and victory. It is always said that one should sit and pray while facing this direction. If the mirrors are put in this direction, it brings double prosperity and enhances victory.

West or Pashchim:

The Lord of this direction is the Lord of rain- Lord Varun. This direction is not considered auspicious as the Saturn is the ruling planet of this direction, big openings from this direction is not advisable, although a garage in this direction would be beneficial. Therefore, West direction is beneficial for women.

North or Uttar:

Lord Kuber is the lord of this direction; he is the treasurer of this direction. To impress the lord you can perform Lakshmi Kuber Puja. It is considered as the direction of wealth and riches. Planet Mercury is the ruler of this direction. Hence, it is a direction for auspiciousness and financial gains. Keeping the cash and lockers in this direction is known to bring in luck and financial gain.

South or Dakshina:

Lord of death – Yama is the lord of this direction, any activity is considered as inauspicious if performed in this direction. Planet Mars is the leader of this Direction. Hence, this direction is advised to always be kept heavy and loaded an overhead water tank in this direction is also suggested.

North – East or Ishan:

This direction is ruled by the Lord of fire “Agni”. A representative of purity and divinity, this is the direction for best for doing Puja, it is the best direction to make a temple or Mandir. Although, the planetary leader of this direction is Jupiter. Toilets should not be constructed in this direction as it brings sufferings and miseries.

North- West or Vayaya:

The lord of this direction is Lord Vayu, the lord of wind, he bestows good health. The air flowing in this direction is necessary for life, so tall structures like trees and plants are banned in this direction. The planetary leader of this direction is Moon; it is a direction of movement. Hence those people who are unable to get married even after coming of the age, then, they are advised to sleep in this direction in order to get married.

Southeast or Agneya:

The fire lord, Lord Agni, determines this direction, Agni stands for strength and determination. And fame, anyone performing puja in this direction is bestowed by wealth and prosperity and fame. Hence, the ruling planet is Venus. The kitchen is recommended in this direction.

South West or Nirutya:

The lord of demons or Nirutti is the leader of this direction. It is known as the most inauspicious direction. Doors in this direction bring bad luck and misfortune. Although building or keeping something heavy in this direction is advised to bring down the negative effects. The semi planet Rahu is the planetary leader of this direction.

What is importance of Vastu Dosh Nivaran?

Vastu is pre-constructive science as indicated by vastu, an imperfection is to be evacuated by performing certain Vedic remedies for the improvement. Any vastu deformity prompts the loss of positive or favoring vitality. The Vastu Dosh Nivaran is known to be the celestial solver of Doshas or negative effects upon the Vastu or development of house and office. Vastu dosha connotes towards mix-ups in development according to the standards and relying on the course, area, and condition of each piece of the entire structure. This may acquire numerous issues the encompassing field as it won’t let anything develop and would leave antagonistic effects other than making obstacles in the way. And for the same, Vastu perspectives are a critical viewpoint these days in everybody’s life.

Vastu Dosha Nivaran Tips

The following are the tools which are utilized for upgrading the energies and to stop the negative energies to enter the residential place. These should just be utilized under the direction of the master. Since the utilization of these in an incorrect manner may demonstrate increasingly hurtful.

  1. Camphor Crystals-Pure camphor precious stones are utilized to evacuate the negative vibrations and mirrors. Mirrors are valuable in counter-balancing the negative vibrations because of different deformities.
  2. Ocean Salt and Salt Lamp-Sea salt has the capacity to assimilate all the negative vibration.
  3. Wind chimes– they are a fantastic wellspring of improving good karma and luck. It smothers the misfortune in the house. The quantity of rods in the breeze toll and the material utilized likewise has a significant job in its usefulness.
  4. Colors additionally function as a solid improving instrument. To upgrade and improve the Vastu power and develop a charge which is certain and motivating for everyone.
  5. Puja and Yantras– There are many pujas and yantras which are useful in reducing any ill-effects from your workplace or home.

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