Vastu and jyotish cannot do without one another (astrology). Since they are like air and water, they lead. In ancient and mediaeval socio-economic context. And so is old as the Vedas themselves (as the Astrology). Jyotish literally refers to ‘God light’ or ‘road to desire fulfilment.’

Sun : Sun is the soul (atmakaraka) besides being Pitrkaraka, and governing planet of the fifth sigh Leo of the zodiac. In Grhavastu, the window on the East should be such as to allow maximum sun-light, otherwise it will disturb the prosperity of a family.

Moon : The left side of a house is indicative of mother or daughter. If the left window happens to be a puja room, women will enjoy divine perception, wisdom (Moon + Jupiter); in case a room is full of darkness with materials dumped, the house wife suffers ill-health

Mars and Venus: South-East should be the kitchen ( agneyi ). Mars is the south dominant world. Venus dominates the kitchen. Whether there is a kitchen in front of a bedroom. And if there’s a pleasure, there’s a poor health.

Mercury: Mercury controls the north, verandas, a hall viewing room, and sit-out. Their results are greatly impacted by the combination of kitchen and bathroom in some houses. In the hall itself, when there is a puja room, the owner of the family benefits greatly from the land. The hall will earn well if the hall is connected to the bedroom.

Jupiter: The north-east direction of Jupiter is suitable for the right puja space.

Saturn: it governs the West and is Rahu’s greatest friend. Saturn: the door is directly facing a puja room, although the hardness of the life will come to pass. Rahu and Ketu, respectively, represent the main door and the back door. Food processed in the West (store room, etc) will be favourable and will contribute to prosperity. Unused material and toilets, as rahu controls the door, the door should be larger than the other doors.

Ketu: Ketu’s path is the northeast as well. Ketu controls small back entrance, bathrooms and a staircase. If the first floor staircase is close to the main entrance door, it reveals self disappointment and is unsuitable.

Vastu Shastra is literally “architectural science.” It is a traditional Indian architecture framework which has arisen within India. Also is a textual part of Vastu Vidya which is a growing understanding of ancient India’s architecture and design theories. Vastu Shastra’s concept is to integrate practical designs and philosophical values into nature. This idea has been used in ancient Indian buildings and is still used in modern architecture. Vastu Shastra blends scientific knowledge, architecture, astronomy and astrology, and is, for design and construction also, the old mystical science. This urges us to make a difference and make sure anything goes wrong.

Vastu is a science of directions which integrates and balances all five natural elements with people and materials. It offers a pleasant atmosphere or a place to live and function, benefiting from the scientific benefit of 5 universe elements called Pancha Bhootas that pave the way to better health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened setting.

Yoga is a very important part of our spiritual relationship and the exercise of a deep and meaningful meditation in the right kind of balance and spiritual setting. In this respect, Vastu Shastra may be profoundly advantageous to use the architecture and design of a room or house in the practise of yoga. It could help you to achieve a more beautiful and balanced living and working environment, and also encourages you to equip a yoga room or studio in order to promote more spiritual practise. We developed the following quiz to help you concentrate on your dosha and to define your predominant dosha.

For good wealth energies, it should help your finances in a particular direction. Explore some major wealth-enhancing tips:
It is important to keep this direction energetic and positive, in order to sustain good energies that help increase wealth. North is the centre of the Lord Kubera-god of riches.
The North East corner or Eshaan corner has to be released from every building while the place remains clean and accessible, if possible, while building a worship space.
Blocking the East and the North will make use of the flow of capital, and thus hamper your profits.
Our house is a temple and this temple is only to us if it is kept clean. It is also important to keep all the uncertainty away from home to cause finances.

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