As the aspect of Saturn can make Virgo feel distracted there will be ups and downs in your career. There may be strong chances for you to relocate. Time will be unfavourable for the ones in business. You might be able to earn well through multiple sources this year.


This year could be a little boring and tedious to Virgo. You might need to take a little rest and keep your routine aside for a while. You might need some peace of mind. Your health and hygiene quest must be reduced in order for a fit body. Virgo guys will no longer have major health problems this year.


This year can be financially bad for Virgo. Although things may change over time and you might earn money from other hidden sources. Anyways you tend to cope up with things along with time which may bring your financial status in line.

Career and business:

Virgo may not have a total job satisfaction and hence can have an urge to change it consistently. Somehow those changes can turn out to be positive for you. The more you focus on whatever work you do that is how the more success will keep coming your way.
Your business might expand this year. You may take some huge life changing decisions in your business which may hence change things completely depending upon the changes you chose to make. You must carry out all your tasks with total care.


Well for singles, if you’re willing to marry this year, it may turn out that this isn’t your year. You may have to wait for the next year for that. For couples, if your partner has started a new job he/she may see tremendous growth and success, which may lead to time bounds between you two.


During the year you will find more happiness between your household chores. Because of that happiness your family will be very calm and content this year. You are very energetic, you can channel that energy in mending relations with your relatives.


You must soak Sabut Moong Daal in the water on Tuesday and feed it the very next day to a cow.

You must recite the Shri Durga Chalisa either every day or on Friday which may help you end the financial crisis.

By visiting a Mata temple on Friday, offer red flowers and red fruits to the Goddess.

You will get success in your field of work while you always try to keep a solid square piece of silver in your purse or pocket.

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