History and importance: Valentine’s day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, is a feast of greetings and presents (February 14). The vacation began at the Mid-February Lupercalia Roman Festival. Fertility practises and the pairing of women and men were included in the festival, celebrating the arrival of spring. Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with Saint Valentine’s Day at the end of the 5th century. 14 Feb was celebrated as a romantic day from the 14th century onwards.

While several Christian martyrs were called Valentine, it may be that day they took his name from a priest martyr by Emperor Claudius II of Gothicus, who was around 270 CE. The tradition says that the priest signed the “Valentine’s Letter” to the daughter of his prisoner whom he had friendly and healed from his blindness in some accounts. It was St. Valentine of Terni, a bishop who was named for the holiday, some stories claim, although the two saints were only one person. Another popular legend claims that Valentine challenged the emperor’s orders to save the war husbands and secretly married couples. This is why Valentine’s festival day is linked with love.

The feast of San Valentino was created in 496 by Pope Gelasius I, in honour of Saint Valentine of Rome in February 14, who died there on the date of 269 AD. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the day was connected with romantic love, when ideas of courteous love were flowing in association, apparently with the early spring lovebirds. In England of the 18th century, it was an opportunity for couples to express their love of each other by offering their flowers, sweets and greeting cards. The symbols of Valentine’s Day which nowadays include the cardiovascular form, doves and a winged Cupid figure.

The 1500s saw the appearance of structured notes or valentines and the use of commercially printed cards by the late 1700s. In the mid-1800s, the first commercial valentines were printed in the United States. Cupid, the Roman god of love, usually portrays the seat of feeling, along with the heart, by Valentines. The birds were a sign of the day too, as the avian matching season was thought to start in mid-February. Candy and flowers, red roses, the emblem of beauty and affection, are a popular gift. The Day is popular both in the U.S., Canada and Australia, as well as in Argentina, France, Mexico and South Korea, among other countries as well.

It’s the most frequent marriage anniversary in the Philippines, and hundreds of couples’ mass marriages at that date are not rare. The holiday grew to show the love of family and friends. Many school children on this day share valentines. In Italy, St Valentine’s Keys are given to amateurs, as a “romantic symbol and an invitation to open the heart of the donor,” as well as to children in Italy who want to avoid epilepsy (called St Valentine’s Disease), to beat the heart of the donor and to beat it.

Valentine’s Day, although the feasts are an official day for the Angolan Community, is not a public holiday in any country and for the Lutheran Church. Many parts of the Eastern Orthodox Church are also marking Valentine’s Day on 6 July in honour of Saint Valentine, the Roman Presbyter, and on 30 July in honour of Valentine, the Bishop of Interamna’s hieromartyr.

Folk traditions:

While the European folk traditions of St Valentine and St Valentine’s day are omitted by modern Anglo-American rituals that associate the day with romantic love, some associations connect the saint with the arrival of spring.

While the sending custom was in the UK, Valentine’s day is still linked with various local customs in England. Valentine’s Day also remains the same. In Norfolk, a character named ‘Jack’ Valentine knocks at the back door, leaving children’s candies and gifts. Many children terrified Jack while he was leaving treatments.

In Slovenia, Saint Sanctuary or Zdravko was the patron saint of beekeepers and pilgrims, a Savior of good health. A proverb says that “Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots.” On this day plants and flowers begin to grow. The first work in the vineyards and fields starts. The birds also suggest or marry on the same day. It is said. “Valentin – prvi spomladi” as is somewhere in the beginning of Spring is also a proverb. Just recently Valentine’s Day was celebrated as love day. The traditional day of love was 12 March, the day of Saint Gregory, or 22 February, the day of Saint Vincent. Saint Anthony, whose day was held on June 13, was the patron of devotion.

Connection with romantic love:

Lupercalia was seen in Ancient Rome from 13-15 February. It was a rite linked to cleansing and wellbeing and had only a small relation to fertility and nobody to love. The local festival in Rome was Lupercalia. Lupercalia. Pope Gelasius I (492–496) abolished the Juno Februa Festival held from 13-14 February. The more general festival, “Juno the purifier” or “the chaste Juno” Lupercalia was . Some researchers have theorised that Gelasius I substituted him with the celebrations of the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and reiterated a connection with the connotations of romantic love in the 14th century.

The dates were also inappropriate as the feast was celebrated only at the time of Gelasius I in Jerusalem, and only on February 14 since the birthday of Jesus had been held in Jerusalem on January 6th (Christmas). While it was called the “Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary” the presentation of Jesus at the temple was debated. On February 14, Jerusalem was purified from the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was brought to Rome and other sites in the sixth century after Gelasius I, as the Presentation of Jesus at the Templar was on February 2.

Alban Butler believed without justification, in his Lives of the Principals Saints, that in Lupercalia men and women drew names from a jar to make couples, and that Valentine’s letters were the product of that tradition. In fact, the practise was born in the Middle Ages without any reference to Lupercalia, where men randomly draw girls’ names. Priests, for example Frances de Sales around 1600, apparently struggled against this tradition by replacing it with a religious custom of young people drawing from the altar the names of the apostles.

This religious tradition is documented in the life of St. Elisabeth of Hungary as early as the 13th century, so that it may have a different origin. Despite persistent and often thorough arguments by many other writers to the contrary, nor to any Greco-Roman holiday otherwise unsheet, there is no proof that the St. Valentine’s day was connected to the rites of ancient Roman purification festivities in Lupercalia. It is not clear that Valentine’s celebration had romantic connotations until, some six hundred years after celebrating Lupercalia, Chaucer’s poem about the “Valentine’s Day” in the 14th Century came to an end.

Astrological predictions for Valentine’s 2021:

Moon in the sky is undeniably a major ally for magic in love moments, but Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, too, are marvellous and allow you to have an evening with their sextility that is not only exciting but sexually significant. Too bad to square Mars, but you’re almost definitely going to live a day full of laughter, an evening where you’re very complicit with your buddy, and you know what a wonderful present you can offer. Tonight’s choices for the future together.

Slowly builds up a strong passionate momentum. Full steam forward. Full steam forward. A spiritual awakening can change your life in the months of 2021, as so many facets of the fascinating personality will flourish. Robust spirituality, which is born from fiery determination, is “set me free,” the keywords in your rebel heart. A lifelong love calls for the passionate ram.

Mars is very important in your sky for a passionate and sexy evening, but it’s underneath the bed sheets and yet you have to get to bed. Unfortunately both the conversation and the emotions are not useful with Mercury and Venus in quadrature and therefore the chance of having an evening with the partner is high. Try to be calmer and ask the one you love not too much this night to stop fights. Allow peace in the night under the covers.

Over the adversity victory. “I’ll survive!” yell it out. “Your life’s deep midnight will take place. Courage is the gift that you need to be solid, this dynamic year! You’ll have fast moving events for the moment. Render to the momentum. If you dare, enter the enchanted forest. You will be forced to alter your direction with several opposing stellar alignment. You get one year older and are much smarter for several years. Intense love is richly earned and difficult.

Gorgeous sky for all of you who love someone. You will probably witness an evening full of emotion with Moon and Venus in excellent astrology, where you include your partner and get engaged. If possible, choose a restaurant that is romantic, but still full of people, because you enjoy being around people and showing love to the person you love. The night will be obviously really open, not daunting, and if you don’t take the initiative you’ll have fun.

The anchor will pull up your restless spirit. A season for wild and playful abandonment. Don’t feel tied to the past. No longer innocent! Make a clear course, as 2020 is filled with devilish turnarounds, but a wealth of experience. Radiant nights are going to draw you. The storm clouds have a tumultuous elegance, since this is the romantic year for the decision.

Moon in quadrature and therefore something today could be postponed or the appointment with the person you love could suffer small delays which in some cases will increase tension, nervousness. You absolutely must not be tense but try to understand that sometimes things don’t go as you wish. Even Venus in Aquarius together with Mercury are not very helpful in dialogue and the manifestation of your feelings but at least Mars in sextile allows you to be sensual and magnetic.

Separations are going to change the way you see things. Become the town’s voice. A year like no other is quickly coming up, blinding us all along the way. In the Spring, particularly, you are looking for an unfairly handsome heart. Your intuitive, alert sensitivities are primed for greatness and great applause. But know that “everything isn’t just in love and war.” A special destiny will arise. Heritage of wealth and sophistication… private passion.

The night risks to be like the whole day and this is extremely destructive since Venus and Mercury opposite Jupiter and Mars not just in squares. Discussing with your loving partner on this day seems very possible and, thus, who knows if it will benefit to stop planning a dinner or to take the day with the person you love who could instead turn out to be a meeting with mutual confusion. In these hours, much autonomy is required.

The lion’s mighty gurgling. Seeing the ancient gods favourably. Have world stage entertainment. Without you, life wouldn’t have beauty. The royalty sign saw all this and it was very malignant. No longer! No more! Throughout 2020, there is an unusual enthusiasm.
A time to repair the hurt heart. There is nothing halfway and few can keep pace with you, so encourage them to fall behind. Showing inhuman peace in the midst of disorder. Romance will certainly surprise.

For this romantic day when Venus and Mercury are in the Waterfall, an astrological sky isn’t excellent and definitely don’t help you express your spirit. The Moon in Aries, among others, raises your partners’ uncomfortable impatience. But at least, the Venus planet is in a great place, being in Taurus, so the sensuality and beauty are good even if they obviously are not good enough to boost the night.

Get set, if you can, for a thunderstorm of events. New ground cover. New ground cover. Great was your suffering, so you must know your way from now on. Get out of hiding in a moment of social popularness as 2020 rings out. The heart could go wrong by a youthful vigour. Examine the painfully sharp limits of reality. Your conscience. You dare to see so much more as you practise your wonderful talents. Shaking revelations, exploring secrets… bring illumination.

Very beautiful sky if it wasn’t in contrast to the disagreeable Moon all day. The whole night is not easy with your partner to plan, to prepare a meal, to give the gift and who knows that you will be in pause, but what is most important is that the dialogue, love is there and tonight, when you are solo, talk lots of things and connect, because there is a lot of peace between you. In these hours sex with a not so passionate Mars is less necessary for you to be in Taurus.

Romanticism is ready or not. You’ve got your time of life! Past struggles were the spiritual purification required. The 2020 drama is on you as you thrive with uncommon sex. You could attract fair-world friends in your life’s spring. The social good living is free to walk, far from normal. Nice as tentations size on the prohibited fruit. Every wish to be given in the lamp of Aladdin.

If it had been kept yesterday it would have been much easier because in those hours instead of in Aries, Mercury, and Venus in squares and Mars in Taurus, you have an annoying Moon. Better to be alone, to find the one you love not to stop conflicts, arguments, disputes. In reality, what you have in your heart and you have a happy interplay with what you want is very difficult to understand. Don’t ask much and don’t know how to listen to an awful vengeance without being greedy.

You’re going to attract a rich following by believing in the culture of experience. Your Spiritual Pilgrimage to the peak of this mountain and back again, as the last century will carry you to the highest level. An enticing, Karma love looks at you elegantly amusing and ahead of time. You tackle dawn with vigour and sincerity, as in 2020 the warrior is ready for new wars, keen to release tabous citizens. An imposing centre.

Venus and Mercury’s good location as well as the lunar star is in an outstanding position in Aries. This astrological sky will definitely allow you to express your heart better, but not romantically. Indeed, this Venus is not so sensual and romantic, but you’ll at least have fun chatting, spend amazing hours in your heart’s companionship, and prepare your future as well. Do not underestimate a Mars that is not very active to you, so you will not be lions below the sheets.

Going through quick and progressive transformation. Attract interesting friends along the way. You may rightly believe that you have been wrongly investigated. Competitive optimism, nevertheless, is abundant! You don’t have to go it alone, you drive with sensual exploration. It would be a secret to discovering the Dark side of the moon. You have miles to go, as if you were leaving on the jet plane before you sleep. In the end you gain understanding, you accept true love.

An outstanding day with Mars in trine from the Taurus Zodiac sign and in the second house with Mercury and Venus which are not completely negative, even though they could make you spend too much on your love. Maybe a too costly present, too costly a dinner or a fun but costly outing. In short, you can save money, but because the day is vital for all those in love, don’t worry and show your qualities as a seducer.

Go for it, be spoiled, for you were long enough ignored. The wild heart wakes up. You once were the party’s last life. Time to crack the whip, when in 2020 you are about to come out of the shadows and get an exciting spunk and sparkle. Disorders should be expected and abandoned roads should be avoided.

If today, we examine the astroleum, we would conclude that you will be able to have a day of celebration in which your loving spouse will be complicit and many feelings will be felt, both physically and intimately, at the heart stage. It would be really good to have dinner in an odd location or where you were never so that Mars would unleash all its inherent qualities in Sagittarius. Beautiful Venus and beautiful Moon that urge you even beyond dinner to live the love relationship to prepare your future.

Rapid ascent to the dazzling sun. Extraordinary force plays an appetite for fame. You need to stop ultimatums while your excentric genius is heading to the middle.. That’s what you’re, unpredictable. Your social calendar sizzles at the speed of light with lively and brave events. Sudden changes are expected as in 2020, the complete and dramatic inclination of the uranium pendulum will require you. Nothing is permanent, and fame can always be so fleeting.

Alas, Mars explains a tough day and when you are too nervous and absolutely unaware of your partner’s needs. Interacting with the person you like is not easy, even because the Venus in Aries, therefore, is an economic concern in the second astrological market. You don’t have to make a very expensive gift or have an exuberant and lavish meal. Perhaps stay at home and share intimate moments without demanding too much.

Your romantic soul can hear a holy voice, everlasting radiation. Do as your heart says. A karmic bond should be felt and completed. Remove resentment from your past bedrooms, so that emotional wounds are able to heal them. Let the injured, sexual rebels out, as your complete engagement is an enlivening hunt. Feel the magic of the season, because your destiny is sure to change. It’s not so much on the lane.

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