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The horoscope reading 2020 for Cancer sign says that this year will give you mixed results in the beginning. Pay attention to your health and major decisions. Stay your focus on your study/work.


Your health will be fluctuating this year. Although there’s nothing major, take care of your health especially during changes in seasons. Keep your medicines handy and remain extra careful if you are traveling mid-year.

Financial Condition

You may experience some occasional ups and downs in your financial conditions. Although your income will remain steady, you may get financially burdened by expenditure on family events. Financial condition will get better towards the end of the year with chances of sudden monetary benefits.

Career and Business

You need to make constant efforts in the right direction for success. Keep your words in check. Job change and promotion are likely to happen in the latter part of the year. There are chances of recognition for self-employed people.

Love Life

This year will be favorable and fruitful for romantic relations. You’ll get the support from your loved ones. Your desires are likely to be fulfilled by your partner/spouse. Keep your trust firm and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Family Life

This year is going to be peaceful in the family front. You can expect help from elder brothers and friends. Differences in opinions may cause some disputes in family. Take care of your children’s health.

Our Suggestion

Stay away from bad practices and unethical approach in all aspects. Take care of your budget. Stay persistent and take suggestions from subordinates seriously. Choose your words carefully.