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The horoscope reading 2020 for Capricorn sign says that this year will be largely favorable. You make face little problems now and then. Avoiding loans will make your year more peaceful.


Take care of your health as you will be vulnerable to diseases caused by seasonal changes. Try to cut fatty and junk food from your diet completely. You make be troubled by anxiety and sleeplessness.

Financial Condition

The financial condition will be average at the beginning of this year. Expenses will increase with your children. Calculate your income before making any kind of purchase. Your income will improve after mid-September.

Career and Business

This year will be average on this front. Transfers are likely to happen for people in the government sector. The business will be profitable in sectors of dyeing, chemical, narcotics, precious metals, and household appliances. Working professionals should remain careful and refrain from bribery.

Love Life

This year will be average for a romantic and married life. Keep your tone soft towards your partner. Minor disagreement may occur with your partner. Don’t let any third person affect your relation.

Family Life

Remain cautious in family relations as well as social life throughout the year. There are high chances of a dispute between family members and an unwanted event like accident. You will need to pay extra attention and care.

Our Suggestion

Don’t remain stuck on any particular thing. Balance your expenses and income wisely. Don’t do business on credit. Avoid borrowing money on interest. Focus on your health.