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The horoscope reading 2020 for Gemini sign says that this year you need to be very careful with your words, how you channelize your energy, and how to use your time in order to have a peaceful year.


You may face anxiety and mental restlessness. Pay attention to your health if you are traveling mid-year. Protect yourself from extreme heat and humidity. Meditation can help you maintain mental peace. Also, take care of your diet.

Financial Condition

You are going to experience a boost in your financial conditions. Your financial condition will strengthen considerably. Any investments made in the first part of the year will provide positive returns by the year-end.

Career and Business

Gemini natives will experience partial success in various sectors like government, service, administration and trade. Mining, police, power, and healthcare sectors will see absolute success. Maintain a balance between your income and expenditure.

Love Life

You will have a peaceful life. Any existing relationship will be positive and romantic regardless of the quarrels. Married couples will have a fulfilling year. Be careful while developing a new relationship.

Family Life

Family life will remain peaceful. You can expect to be blessed with a child. There are possibilities of changes between your relations with your parents or in-laws. Keep calm and handle situations sensibly if any issue or dispute arises.

Our Suggestion

Embrace the changes that life offers you. Spend some time with your parents. Keep yourself calm and avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with anyone.