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The horoscope reading 2020 for Sagittarius sign says that this year will be average with mixed results. You’ll be facing some problem or other thought the year. Take care of your expenses.


Be careful as your health will decline at the beginning of the year. Avoid traveling as much as possible. You are likely to face a sudden injury and develop a fatal disease. Healthy lifestyle changes and proper routine will be helpful.

Financial Condition

Plan your budget carefully as unnecessary expenses are likely to occur. Anything that you buy on credit or installments will cause you more worries. You may need to borrow some money or take a loan for family commitments.

Career and Business

Your career will need your full attention. You have chances of facing betrayal so be cautious. Some major ups and downs are likely to occur. Contractual and temporary employees are more likely to face trouble.

Love Life

You need to be careful in your romantic relationship/married life. Don’t try to fool your partner. Inducing jealousy can result in bitter arguments. Resolve disputes calmly and try to work on emotional connection.

Family Life

There is a possibility of discord in the family which will cause mental stress. Disputes with siblings and father will cause havoc. Remaining silent and calm are advised.

Our Suggestion

Manage your incomes and finances with proper planning. Resolve your misunderstandings and stay positive. Take care of your health. Stay away from adultery strictly.