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Oct 23 - Nov 21



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The horoscope reading 2020 for Scorpio sign says that this year will be filled with uncertainty in many aspects. Imbalance can be harmful. Remaining careful and cautious will be helpful.


You’ll see many ups and downs on the health side. You will be troubled by headaches and joint pain. You can also face stress and sleep deprivation. Try to have a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to your diet for physical health and do meditation for mental well-being.

Financial Condition

Finances will see a favorable time, especially in terms of savings. Expenditure will increase. Any investment should be made after thorough understanding and rational calculations.

Career and Business

There will be ups and downs leading to mixed results. Businesses may expect moderate overall profit. Working professionals may get a promotion or raise in the year-end.

Love Life

This year will be favorable for couples. Romantic relations and married relations both will enjoy peace, happiness, and fulfilling sex life. Singles who wish to get married will have their wish fulfilled.

Family Life

You may adopt a high-class lifestyle. You may get your child’s marriage fixed. The family will admire you. Remain careful towards the end of the year.

Our Suggestion

Spend some quality time with family often. Keep your ego and stubbornness in check. Your positive and open-hearted approach towards people will help you to a large extend.