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What is Kundli?

An astrological chart which shows the position of zodiacs and planets at a particular time with respect to a particular place is known as Kundli. It is also known by other names such as Horoscope, Janam Patri, Janam Kundli, or Birth Chart. Astrologers prepare it on the basis of the exact date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth of the individual.

Online Free Kundli

The Kundli also referred to as Horoscope, can be considered a snapshot of space taken at the time of one’s birth from the place of birth of that person. It contains all the details of planetary position and zodiac position as per the astrological aspect. The layout and position of zodiacs along with planets are used for analysis to give astrology prediction. The creation of Kundli is a complex procedure and contains the most important data that is going to be the base of all the astrology predictions to be given by any astrologer whether online or offline. Almost every question’s answer lies in this chart only. Due to this fact, Kundli’s creation should be done by an experienced and expert astrologer only. Combining the astrological knowledge and technology, it is now possible to generate free online Kundli. You can just fill in your birth details and check your free online Kundli on this page.

Why Kundli?

A person’s Kundli is considered, in Vedic Astrology, to be the precise blueprint of the person’s life. It contains details of how a person is both internally and externally. It also provides an insight into the person’s relation, work, family, health, etc. A person’s past, present, and future with the timeframe of events are interpreted by analyzing Kundli. Everything is connected to every other thing in this universe directly or indirectly. Astrology is nothing but a science to understand this relation with respect to human life. It is an in-depth study of the effects of the cosmos on human life. Many people regard Astrology as pseudoscience or misconceptions but often forget to notice that modern science is proving the facts such a moon causes tides which dates back to ancient knowledge. When a moon can affect such mighty oceans then how can human life stay unaffected? Our free online Kundli feature will provide you with a free horoscope containing basic details, all the Vedic Astrology Charts, major yogas, dashes, etc from your birth details. Depending on the person’s knowledge in astrology, anyone can analyze the given Kundli and interpret it. This feature is for providing a free horoscope online. This does not only save you some money but also helps you stay safe from the incorrect information given by any fraud or fake astrologer. Astrology is a complicated science and a person’s Kundli is a huge ocean. So the information shared in this Kundli is limited as compared to the vastness of Kundli. These things can only be interpreted by an expert and experienced astrologer. Therefore it is suggested to consult the best astrologer. You can talk to astrologers online at Vyomology and consult with the best astrologers in India.

How to generate free online Kundli?

Following are three simple steps needed for generating free online Kundli on Vyomology :
1. Go to the “Free Kundli” page on Vyomology
2. Fill in your birth details in the form given and click on “Generate”
3. Click on the link that appears on the screen to view and download Kundli.

What to expect from free online Kundli

This page of Vyomology contains a feature to generate your Kundli online for free. It is 20+ pages long Kundli. You just need your birth details. Fill in your details and get your Kundli in the blink of an eye. This Kundli includes the following things along with a certain detailed explanation:
1. Basic details as per astrology, panchang, and ghat chakara.
2. Planetary and zodiac placement in Kundli along with details
3. 10+ Vedic Kundli charts along with details
4. House Cusps and Sandhi
5. Vimshottari Dasha
6. Yogini Dasha
7. Current undergoing Dasha details
8. Detailed Numerology Reading
9. Major Dosha and Yoga details along with explanation and remedies
10. Gemmology Report
11. Ascendant Report; and more

Generate your free Kundli to read your charts and various reports to read astrological details. Download your Kundli and save it for later. You can use it while taking consultation with any astrologer in this world. You can also consult India’s best astrologers at a single platform of Vyomology to avail the best quality consultation. Like a ray of sunshine in the pitch darkness, Vyomology is here to lighten your path. Our Astrologers will consult and guide you on the right path just like a teacher. At Vyomology, we are committed to taking you to a better and brighter future through the path of accurate astrology, precise prediction, and correct guidance.